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Shooters News for the Minn Area - October 23rd, 2014

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Last Chance ! 
Just a reminder, but your last chance to shoot an outdoor prone match is this weekend !
200 yd Sm Bore match

   From: George Minerich:
Hi Shooters:
Never one to give up on the shooting season I am going to run a Smallbore  (yes 22 rim-fire) Prone 200 yard match at the Minneapolis Rifle Club (on Oct 25th).  This will probably be the last time to shoot prone outdoors until spring.  It should be a lot of fun!  

   Click Here for match bulletin and entry info
Thank you!
George Minerich  MRC X.O.  

I wish I could shoot this match, but I'll be at the AZ Long Range Regional -- then next week the F-class Nationals. The season is just getting started here in the shooting paradise we call Phoenix, AZ.  Here are a few more matches you might consider attending for a winter shooting vacation that will be held at Ben Avery Range a few miles north of the city (PX).

Click Here for Video of Berger SW Long Range Nationals Feb 2015)

  Last Weekend   
'On the Firing Line Report'
From: Steve Knutson

MRC Sniper Team Match  October 2014 :
Well, the weather for our first Sniper Team matches at the MRC range turned out nice for a late October match and no Snow or frost was seen! We had 4 teams compete for top bragging honors and every one came with their game faces on!

Stage one was “The walking man” named after the fact that you have to fire at a moving IPSC pistol target at 200yards. Most found it to be a bit of a challenge but Bruce “The Hammer” nailed it every time!

Stage two was “Bullseye” where you have to shoot at a 100y three bull target at 200y. The targets pop up for only 4 seconds and you have to fire at the target with a 1” square orange spotter in the center,,,, Oh and did I say the previous shot is marked with an orange golf tee? Hit the wrong target and loose the 10 points and get a 5 point penalty!

Stage three was “Call the Shot”. Nine six inch paper plates with numbers 1-9 spray painted on them with light gray primmer pant are placed randomly on the target in 3 rows of 3. Targets again only pop up for 4 seconds and your spotter has to call out the plate to shoot at,,,, Ooops, did I also forget to tell you that the RSO calls out what plate is hot as the targets are coming out of the pits?? Bruce “The Hammer” and Phill “The Philly Dog” both cleaned this stage also!

Stage four was “The Balloon Race”. On this stage 9 balloons were put in the same 3 rows of 3 just like in the plate match. This sounds easy but shooting at blowing around balloons at 200 yards is no walk in the park! Each team is allowed 20 rounds total and a 5 second penalty for each miss shot. As cream comes to the top,,, Bruce “The Hammer” and Phill “The Philly Dog” both did a fantastic job at this stage with only 1 miss and a target time of only 15 seconds for a score of 20 with the one shot penalty!
At the end of the match it was Bruce and Phill at the top of the ranks and grinning ear to ear! But when it came down to it,,,, all the teams were winners and every one had a blast! I hope to have some match dates set for 2015 set soon and up on the MRRA and MRC web page.
Hope to see you all there next year!
Team Scores :
Bruce & Phill   431  Match Winner!
Ev & Mike        381
Ev & Adam       318
Dan & Kathy    294

Thanks Steve for sending in that match report.  Looks like you all had some fun!  I'll bet next year there will be a bunch more folks out there pulling triggers in this match.  

That's All Folks !

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