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Shooters News for the Minn Area - October 16th, 2014

  Next Weekend  
Sniper Team Match
Do you want to have some fun this weekend?  If you do, then head on over to the Mpls. Rifle Club on Saturday, Oct 18th and shoot the "Sniper Team Match".  Steve Knutson is running this match so you know it will be a good one. Shooters will form up into teams of two to alternate shooting and spotting for each other.  Teams will engage targets at 200 yds in matches that include 'bobbers', 'movers', and bullseye shooting.  This will be an "Any sight" match and scopes may be used up to the 16x setting. Shooters may shoot from a sling or use a bipod, but no bags are allowed. 
           Click Here for more info, match bulletin and entry info.
           Contact Steve Knutson at

 Two weeks out   

 200 yd Sm Bore match  
   From: George Minerich:
Hi Shooters:
Never one to give up on the shooting season I am going to run a Smallbore  (yes 22 rim-fire) Prone 200 yard match at the Minneapolis Rifle Club (on Oct 25th).  This will probably be the last time to shoot prone outdoors until spring.  It should be a lot of fun!  The program is attached.  Click Here
Thank you!
George Minerich  MRC X.O. 

  Last Weekend   
State Offhand Championship at MRC Oct. 11th -- No news

Full Bore Match at GRRC Oct 4-5
On the Firing Line Report

from: Erik Rhode
This past weekend, Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club up in Harris, MN played host to their 2nd Fullbore Prone match of 2014.   This time it was a full weekend of Fullbore, with shooters firing from 4 different yard lines on both Saturday and Sunday.   The weather was pretty typical for early October in Minnesota, and smart competitors showed up with hats, gloves, hoods etc to keep from shivering.  I had on 4 layers for the better part of the weekend. 
On Saturday Morning, 8 sling shooters armed with mostly Palma rifles (including Kurt Borlaug and his Palma rifle built entirely from scratch) and 2 F-Classers were treated to 12-15 mph winds and a balmy temps of around 37 degrees when the 300-yard match started.  The wind I put on my sights ended up being quite a bit different than what I was seeing in the scope, but I managed to keep them mostly in the middle to win the first match with a score of 149-5x.   Craig “The Menace” Bennis was right on my heels with his 148-6x to finish in the 2nd place spot.  Over on the F-class target, Mike Lehmeier taught John Rykus that a .308 can still do pretty darned good in the wind with the right guy driving, and his 150-6x topped John’s 148-7x to get things started. 
Back at the 600-yard line, the winds picked up even more, and new Wisconsinite Stupendous Steve Clark showed the locals how it’s done in his first visit to GRRC.   Steve calls the Winnequah Gun Club in Lodi, WI home, so he’s no stranger to strange winds.  His 149-7x led the pack to win that match, with me 2 points back to finish a distant 2nd.  As we got to the longer yard lines, John Rykus’s F-Open rig started to show it’s ballistic superiority over Mike’s F-TR gun in the howling winds, as he went on to post the top F-class scores the rest of the day. 
At 800, I felt like I was finally hitting my stride, and managed the top score in that match with my 150-12x edging out Bob “the Maestro” Mead and his 149-10x.   Bob is among the best wind readers on the planet, and anytime I can sneak a win past him I will consider myself pretty fortunate!
Things had gotten downright squirrely by the time we set up on the 1000-yard line, with some major pickups and letups catching everyone at least once or twice.  I was lucky to be loading when the other 2 shooters on my relay were shooting and managed to miss a giant let off that would’ve cost me an 8.  A couple of good breaks like that put my 147-4x at the top of the board with Craig Bennis’s 142-2x in 2nd
At the end of Day 1, John Rykus was 8 points up on Mike Lehmeier in the F-class matches, and I had a 7point lead over visiting Steve Clark in the sling contest. 
On Sunday morning, we were treated to a sight for sore eyes as the Surly Serbian Elliot Zunich rolled up to the 300-yard hut.  Speaking of sore eyes, Elliot had one of the most dramatic shiners I have ever seen from a recent adventure down a flight of stairs and was not expected to be shooting this weekend.  Determined not to let the motherland down, Elliot vowed to shoot the match whether he could see out of his shooting eye or not. 
 Conditions looked like they were going to be a little more pleasant than Saturday, with the sun peeking out and what seemed like a little less wind.  3 150’s were fired in the 300-yard match, with Mike Lehmeir putting up the best score of 150-12x with his F-TR rifle.  I managed the top sling score of 150-9x, with crafty vet Bill Lair putting up a 150-3x on the firing point right next to me for 2nd place.  
Things were still looking good at 600 and some good scores were posted.  Mike Lehmeier topped the F-ers again with a solid 147-7x.  Bob Mead shot the only 600-yard clean target and his 150-10x sailed past Craig Bennis’s very respectable 149-3x. 
On the 900-yard line, Steve Clark reminded us he was still present, and took home the gold with a 147-8x.  My close, but no cigar 146-6x was only good enough for 2nd  place. 
Bill Lair and I were both somewhat disappointed in our performances for the day, so at the 1000 yard line, we made a solemn vow to redeem ourselves by both shooting clean 150’s.  We hit our mats with visions of glory dancing in our heads, only needing 15 good wind calls and a solid hold to make it happen.   Well, my visions of glory lasted until around shot #3, when I got caught for my first (but not my last) 9 of the string.  Bill must have had similar luck, as his 145-3x was only a point closer to the top score than my 144-7x. 
Neither one of us ever had a chance though, as the one-eyed Elliot Zunich shot the whole string using only his sense of smell, and finished with an astounding 149-4x!  This was the best score shot on the 1000 yard line all weekend, and for it to be done by a blind man was truly inspirational.  I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in all of Serbia as Elliot sang the victory song of his people after finishing his tremendous performance.  After starting the season with neck surgery, and finishing with this gruesome eye injury, I’d say that winning the 1k match on Sunday was a good way to wrap up 2014 for young Mr. Zunich
For the Sunday aggs, John Rykus topped Mike Lehmeier again and also locked up the top F-Class weekend agg of 1152-32.  Good shooting John, hopefully more F-shooters will come out next time after you tell them how much fun it was!    I just squeaked by the Maestro and Stupendous Steve by 2 points for the Sunday Agg, which also put me on top for the weekend with a score of 1181-58x. 
Thanks to Mark Schoess, Dean Gillette, and all of the GRRC volunteers for running another great match.  I can’t wait to shoot more long-range matches there in 2015.   
Sadly, this match marked the end of the 2014 shooting season for me.  Today is the official start of what in my house we call the “deep depression” season that generally lasts until around mid-December when the winter shooting leagues start up.   My dear, sweet wife was on the ball this year though, and planned a trip for us starting next Saturday that will hopefully help to ease my transition into non-shooting mode............
See you all in 2015! Best regards         Click Here for complete results
Erik Rhode

   Thanks for that match report Erik.  Just remember the winter shooting season is only just starting in Arizona.  F-class shooters from all over will be flocking to Ben Avery range in Phoenix in just two weeks for the F-class Nationals.  Some 400 shooters are expected to attend this big match and I see on the Desert Sharpshooters web site that 150 advanced entries are already in.  Click Here for entry info on the F-class Nationals and a partial list of the shooters already entered (rt hand column).  I do see a few names of MN area F shooters who will be there to do battle with the best of the best in that shooting discipline.  I'll be there working the pits. Stop and say hello.

 300 m International   (Oct match)
From Brian Shiffman
An interesting day at the range.  A number of shooters shot better than their prior average while a couple slipped a bit from average.  Top honors went to Terry Stern with a 591 shooting F-TR class, besting even the F-Open shooters.  Greg Meller was second in F-TR with a 587 which was still better than any F-Open shooter.
F-Open was won by Laurie Meller with a 585.   Ed Facundo won 3-Position with a 523 which was well over his average in that class. 
Full results can be seen at
The November match comes a bit early, Sunday, November 9.  An announcement will be sent when registration is open.

it's with great sadness that I report that our friend and shooting companion, Mark Havlik has lost his wife of 28 wonderfull years after a long fight with cancer. I can't even imagine the hurt and pain that Mark is going through at this time.  Please remember Mark in your prayers and thoughts during these difficult days.  

That's All Folks

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