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Shooters News for the Minn Area - June 11, 2013

The Week ahead
Have a Service rifle?  This weekend is a great opportunity for you to get it out and have some fun.  GRRC is hosting the CMP Games for Military rifles on this coming Saturday, June 15th at Gopher rifle and Revolver Club's range just north of the Cities at Harris, Mn.  These matches (two per day) are designed to be Fun.  Yes, they'll keep score, but the point here is to get some rds down range with the service rifle and have some fun.  This is a perfect match for a newer shooter.  It all is shot from the 200 yd line on the generous SR target,  and the course of fire is easy.  First the shooters will fire 5 sighters from the prone position, followed by 10 shots for record prone, then 10 shots rapid fire prone, and finishing up with 10 shots from the standing position.  Each shooter needs to bring at least 35 rds plus extras for possible refires in prone rapid fire. 
  The 2nd match of the day is a repeat of the first.  The Sniper match will be shot on July 6 at those CMP games
            Click Here for Match program and entry info. 

Prone and 3P Small Bore Matches
Minneapolis Rifle Club will again be the site of tough shooting competition this upcoming weekend.  Saturday June 15,  the Position shooters will be fighting it out, shot for shot, in three 40 shot matches - shooting first from the Prone position, then Standing and finally from the Kneeling position. 
                       Click here for match program

On Sunday, June 16th Prone shooters will have their chance for some trigger time.  160 shots for Record on 8 targets makes up this days competition at MRC.   Prone specialists, some of whom were competing in the 1000 yd Long Range matches last Saturday at GRRC, will now be sweating it out trying to shoot 10 or an X on unforgiving Sm bore targets a 100 yds away. 
                          Click Here for Match program

All in all, it looks like a great weekend for the Minn rifleman. I'll be out to GRRC for the CMP match Sat. Morning and then on Sunday I think I'll take in a nice day of prone shooting at the MRC SB match.  

Last Weekend

It was a weekend for the skilled and/or the brave.  You have to be brave to launch some bullets at a target 1000yds away, and you have to be skilled enough to actually hit the middle of the target if you have any hope of winning a match at a competition such as Long Range Regional held last weekend at GRRC


Capt Bob and Bill Lair fire at Targets 5/8 mile away

  Thirty six brave and skilled shooters showed up at GRRC's Long Range Shooting Facility Saturday morning for the first three matches on the weekends program. They all knew that today had to be the day to do their best and get to the top of the leader board, as the Sunday weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms, and it was a high probability the Regional Long Range Championships would be decided this day. 
  It was a great day -- that summer day we have all been waiting for --  Blue sky's,  sunshine,  and (whoops) a fishtailing wind from the SE gusting to from 0 to 12 mph (mostly when you weren't looking).  Dale Wickstrom and Elliot Zunich were down from Northwestern gun club.  Small Bore prone specialists Eric Hazleton, and Morgan Dietrich came to give the High Power shooters some lessons in belly shooting.  Palma shooters, Stacey T. , Bill Lair, Brian Mrnak and others would give everyone a good  run for the gold. 
   The F-class ranks were filled with top shooters such as past Champion Pat Scully,  Adam Schidla and, up and coming Junior shooter Tyson Brabec.   

  F-class drilling Xs


  In the Sling class all shooters would fire these matches using Iron sights only
Jim Soderstrom was ready to go in the first match and fired 12 Xs and 8 tens for the only 200 score - that's right, a clean target at 1000 yds.  Jay Johnson and Stacey Tamulinas were lagging behind by only a pt or two.  In F-class Pat Scully's 199-12 wins F-open and  R. Shultz wins FTR.
 In the Second match the conditions got a little more tricky -- a little more switchy -- and Erik Rhode continued his winning ways of two weeks ago up north in the 3 day OTC matches. Erik scored a 198 for the match win, buy only by out X-ing a hard charging Phil Klanderud.  In F-class it was another past champion, Ben Winget winning F open, and Scott Olson from the Elk River club getting a hard earned F-TR win
 Going into the deciding 3rd match of the day Phil Klanderude was on top of the leader board, down only 4 pts for the days shooting. Jay Johnson was in 2nd place just a few Xs back and also only 4pts down.  The last match would go to the shooter with the most patience to wait out the wind shifts.  Those who were too quick off the scope and on the trigger would be rewarded with dreaded 8s and fall by the way side in this competition.  Employing the patience of the typical Master Class Sm bore prone shooter, Morgan Dietrich, played the wind shifts like a fine violin, dropping only 3 pts while shooting half of the 20 shots in the tiny X ring.  Capt. Bob finally got in the groove and posted a fine 195 score for 3rd place behind Stacey who shot one pt better for 2nd, and a good comeback to his disaster in the 2nd match.  Third match win in F open goes to Pat Scully with Jon Clauson just behind, while Steve winzelman gets 1st place in FTR.
  In the end it was Erik (quiet man) Rhode who having won the 1st match, and shooting top 5 scores in the other matches who scored the highest final score and its Erik Rhode who is now the Regional Long Range Champion.
 Congratulations and the Gold Medal to Erik -- you are on the top of your game!  Morgan Dietrich, and Bill Lair  win the Silver and Bronze medals. 

Erik Rhode  -- Regional Long Range Champion

Complete results:  click to expand

 F-class Champions are Pat Scully taking gold in F-open with Ben Winget getting the silver medal.   The FTR long range champ is Scott Olson followed by Steve Winzelman\

 New (Old) Team Trophy  - Found and Repaired 

From Erik Rhode:
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the team trophy!  This beauty will be awarded to a team down at the 

MN State HP Championships at North Star on June 29-30, apparently for the first time since 1936!  Picture should be attached.

   Ok, quick update. I brought the trophy in this morning to my local trophy shop - Dakota Awards in Rosemount. They are a small mom and pop type of shop. I have used them in the past and they do nice work with good prices.  
   They quoted me a price of $100 to build  and finish a base out of wood, make 4 plates, and engrave the 60 team names and years that we have record of. He said they could have it done in 2 weeks. He said the price could possibly be slightly higher than $100, as they have someone else build the base for them, but not much more.

From: George Minerich, MRRA Pres. 
"Hi MRRA Board Members:
Look what I found. (the trophy)  It was hiding since 1935. It's latest hiding place was Bob Van Gene's basement.  Judging by the dust on it, it was there for a long time. Please read Erik's email

Just some thoughts on the recently-discovered state team trophy.
Obviously, this thing has been missing for a loooong time.  it's sort of cool the way it is with only the first 5 winners on it from the 30's, however, I do have the accompanying plaques that list the team champions for 60 more years that the match was fired.  Would the MRRA want to get the rest of the names added to it?  I don't know that they'd actually all fit(I'm thinking they wouldn't), but perhaps a pedestal with placards could be built or bought?  Any other ideas as to what to do with it?"

Two Weeks Out
June 22-23     1000pt OTC matches both days at MRC     Click here for match bulletin
June 29-30       NRA Champ matches w/Leg match           Click Here for match bulletin 

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