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Shooters News for the Minn Area -- June 24 2013

The Week Ahead for Minn Area shooters

EXTRA ! EXTRA!  --  On the Firing line Reports from the  Mid West Palma Champs  

     The NRA and the Service Rifle State
Championship is on tap this weekend.  Match Rifle and Service rifle shooters will be gathering Saturday morning June 29 at the NorthStar Rifle Club to compete in an 80 shot Over The Course match to see who will be the State Champ OTC rifle shooter.  Saturday mornings match is for the Individual championship, and will be followed in the afternoon by the Prone Slowfire stage of the State Team championship.   Sunday morning, June 30, the action will start at 0900 hrs with the last of the Team match at the 200 and 300 yd line (it's really practice for the Leg Match), and then around 1100hrs, the most important match of the weekend --  the Leg Match will begin.  Shooters will be competing in the Leg Match to try and win some "Leg Points" towards their quest of a "Distinguished Rifleman's Badge" -- one of the most coveted awards in shooting sports.
  Most of us started our shooting careers in service rifle shooting and still have a service rifle somewhere back in the closet.  This would be a good time to get it out and have some fun at the 50 shot Leg Match on Sunday.  Who knows, you might have a good day,-- win a medal or earn some points!
    NRA and Service Rifle Championship matches   --   Click Here for Match program

From: Erik Rhode  Highpower Chair, North Star Rifle Club   


North Star Rifle Club will be hosting the 2013 Highpower and Service Rifle Championship matches this weekend, 6/29-6/30/13.  80-shot individual championship match will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday, followed by the 600-yard stage of the team championship.  Team Championship match will finish on Sunday morning with the 200 and 300 yard stages of the match.  The all important EIC Leg Match will be fired afterwards with a concurrent Match Director's Match at the same time.  This means that match rifle shooters CAN STAY TO SHOOT THE LEG MATCH!!!   MR shooters will shoot the same course of fire(50 shots with NO sighters), but will not have to start the rapid fire stages from the standing position.  MR shooters will be squadded separately from the SR shooters to the greatest extent possible and will not count towards Leg #'s or standing.  We are hoping for a good turnout and would love for all Match Rifle shooters to stay for the Team match and also the Match Director's Match, so please do.

As always, there will be trophies awarded to the winner of the State Championship match, as well as to winners of each individual match.  The long-lost State Team Championship Trophy has also been recently found after being lost for 77 years and will be awarded for the first team since 1936.  It will look very nice in the winning team's clubhouse.  The State Service Rifle trophy has also been missing for the last several years, but has been found and will be awarded to the top gun in the SR division.  Everyone shooting the Leg Match already knows what you win for that.  We will also have a few prizes to give out that were generously donated by, Sierra, Lapua, and Creedmoor Sports.

  As this is a State Championship match, membership in the Minnesota Rifle and Revolver Association(or your home state's association, if you are not a MN resident) is required to participate.  Membership applications will be available at the registration table on Saturday morning.  Annual membership dues are $15. 
Thanks and hope to see you all there!"
Erik Rhode

Small Bore

It's time for the 3P and 4P Outdoor State Championships.  Head to Mpls. Rifle Club on Saturday, June 29 for the 3 Position 1200 Metric championship,.  Those tough metric targets will test your skill to the max. Who ever wins Saturdays matches will indeed be the best in the state.  On Sunday, June 30,  the pressure is off just a little.  The Targets are the easier NRA targets and the match is a 4 position match witch may suit your style a little better.  Either way there are two good days of Position shooting for Sm Bore at MRC this weekend.  Go have some fun!
             Click Here for Match Bulletin and entry inf0

From George Minerich:

Hi Shooters:The Minnesota Small Bore 3-P and 4-P State Championships will take place this weekend – June 29 & 30 at the Elk River Sportsman’s Club.  The weather forecast looks like it will be a nice weekend for shooting.  Please come and try your hand at 2 days of great competition.  The match programs are attached for you.  The entire out door schedule and maps to the Elk River Range can be found at: Just click on the Smallbore radio button.  
  George Minerich,   Pres.  MN rifle and Revolver Assoc. 

 Last Weekend.
MRC 100 shot OTC matches last weekend --- No match report forwarded to me.

Mid West Palma Championships
 "On the Fireing Line Reports" --
Mid West Palma Championships,  Lodi, Wisc

From Capt.Bob: 

Jim Soderstrom lining one up
"I'm home from the Eastern Shore of beautiful Lake Wisconsin and the Mid West Palma Championship fired at Winnequah Gun Club.  I have not yet seen final results but here is a brief report from memory. 
There were about 100 total shooters broken down into about 72 sling shooters and 28 F class shooters.  I'm not familiar with the F class guys but can report that Jim Murphy pretty much dominated that part. 
The event started off Monday the 17th with a 4 person Palma team match (sling & F class).  Minnesota was represented by seniors Jim Soderstrom, Bill Lair, Bob Peasley & grand senior Elliot Zunich.   All 4 shot high master scores in the 438-440 range and our score was 6th out of 10 or 11 teams. 
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we fired a full individual Palma course each day.  And the weather was superb all 4 days with fairly readable cross winds and temperatures in the mid to high 70 range. 
The 3 day Palma agg was won by who else but Brian Litz.  He also won the day 3 Palma match with a 447X28 followed by me with a 447X19.  This was my personal best Palma score and my personal best 1000 yd. stage with a 149X5. 
Despite the bluebird conditions, surprisingly to me, there were no 450's shot and only 1 clean at 1000 yd. by former Minnesotan Stacey Tamulinas. 
Friday was scheduled to shoot 3 20 shot matches at 1000 yd.  It started raining about 730 and quit about noon.  So we shot one 20 shot match and retired to the club house for a dandy Pork Chop BBQ & reward ceremony.
During the week they also fired a 15 shot match at 1200 yd and the next 2 days fired 2 man teams at 900 & 1000 yd.  I did not participate in those and have no report.   
That's all for now but when I get the final results I'll pass that along if you want to use it on the blog.  Bob

Photos by Brian Mrnak

from Brian Mrnak:  
Gathering of the Faithful at Lodi
     The 14th annual Midwest Palma championships were last week at the Winnequah gun club in Lodi Wi.  The shoot was almost a sellout with 28 targets running 4 relays deep with 1/3 being F-class.  A good majority of the best shooters in the country gather there each year for the 5 day championships.  Monday was the 4 man team Palma match where the coaches had their work cut out for them with an in your face fishtail wind that would run 2 MOA on either side of center for short periods of time.   A team of heavy hitters out of North Carolina took the honors with a 1774-70x the shooters were John Friuglietti JR, K. Blair Clowdis, Norm Crawford, and J. P. Young coached  by Peter Laberge,  an honorable mention goes out to the best Midwest team which took second shooting a 1767-77x were the shooters of Stacy Tamulinas, Wayne Anderson, Morgen Dietrich, and Randy Gregory, they were coached by Steve Knutson,
                Day 2 starts all the individual matches with a Palma match shot on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The conditions were less than favorable with a 10-15 mph ¾ value wind with complete let offs and sometimes a reversal and challenging light conditions.  In the end a 446-17x was the top score shot by Brian Mrnak with Shirley McGee 445-21, Bob Stekettee 445-20 and “Bud” Solis 445-20  bringing up a close second.
                Day 3  We saw relatively easy conditions with light winds and the scores improved quite well with another Midwesterner Jeremy Graves Taking top honors by out x-ing Ricky Hunt of IA with a  448-26x, the other good scores that day were Bryan Litz MI 447-26x and Norm Crawford NC with a 447-24x. The aggregate after day 3 saw Bryan Litz, and “Bud” Solis 891-48 tied for 1st with Robert Stekettee MI 891-47x in a close second.
Jim Stekettee guageing the Wind
                Day 4 was a carbon copy of day 3 with excellent conditions for top scores.  At the days end Bryan Litz 447-28x was the top dog, but another local boy Capt. Bob Peasley 447-19x stood tall next to Bryan for second place honors with “Bud” Solis taking 3rd with a 445-24x.  After 3 days of Palma only 3 points separated  3 of the best shooters in the country with Bryan Litz 1338-76x, “Bud” Solis 1336-72x and Bob Stekettee 1335-65  taking the top 3 spots in the Palma aggregate.
                Day 5 was a rain shortened match day with only time to shoot the first match of the day which is a 20 Shot Palma rifle any sight match shot @ 1k yds.  Through tough Conditions Mark Trew TX 199-11x took the match with and Randy Gregory WI 198-12 a close second with MN own Stacy Tamulinas 198-4x taking third.  Though not on the leaderboard Friday Bryan Litz took the top honors in the aggregate with a 1535-82x rounding out one of the closest contested Midwest Palma Championships I have attended the last 6 years.  If anyone wants to put their talents up against the best shooters in the country without traveling to Camp Perry Lodi Wi is the place to do it.   This week long match is held the week following father’s day each year.
Targets 1200 yds away
    WI state long range Championships were held last weekend in Lodi immediately following the Midwest Palma Championships.  Richard Burbach took the honors on day one (Saturday) with a 449-23x  followed closely by Brian Mrnak with a  448-20x,  Sunday would Bring good conditions for high scores with Waylon Burbach,  Day ones leader Richards 17 yr. old son 400-27x in two 20 shot long range matches taking the top honor for day two.  In the end it was Waylon’s 847-55x out lasting Brian Mrnak 846-45x to take the top honors in the state and the total Match Win for the weekend.  This is one of the most contested state championships in the country with over 80 shooters in attendance.  I can tell you this the State of Wisconsin is not only known around the country for great beer but also some of the top shooters in the country.  I hope to see everyone at the Minnesota state long range championships in July."
Brian Mrnak

Thanks Guys for those reports.  I know the folks who can't get to these matches really appreciate reading about what happened. 

Two Weeks Out
July 4th       M1A and Garand match at Eau Claire
                      Click here for M1 Garand match program
                      Click Here for M1A match program
July 6-7       NRA Regional Championship weekend at Northwestern Gun Club
                   Individual matches, Team match, and EIC Leg Match
                       Click Here for match bulletin
July 13-14   Long Range State Champ at GRRC    Click Here for match bulletin

That's All Folks!

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