Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shooters News for the Minn Area -- Nov 7, 2012

Yes, the 2012 Highpoower Season is over here in Minn, but that just means it's time to start reloading for next year.   The 2013 Minn Highpower match schedule is published and it looks like there are plenty of great matches to participate in.  Click Here for 2013 Minn Highpower schedule.

Late season matches -- upcoming
300 meter international at Mpls Rifle Club -- Nov 11, 2012
300 meter international at Mpls Rifle Club -- Dec 9, 2012

From: Brian Shiffman
Registration for next Sunday’s MRC 300 meter match is open.  There will be two relays, the first one starts at 10AM and the second will start at noon.  Reply to this email with your relay preference; relays are filled on a first in basis.   (note--1st relay is full)

Fee is $20 for the 60 shot match.  MRC rules for electronic targets apply.  Only full metal jacket or bullets specifically identified as “Match”; no expanding bullets (e.g. A-Max, or hunting bullets).  Bullets must be supersonic at 300 meters in order for the electronic system to record the shots.  Our target is the standard ISSF 300 meter target.  Single loading only, no multiple rounds in magazines.  No muzzle compensators or brakes; flash hiders are OK.  Shooters will be able to shoot in one the following classes: 3-Position, Offhand, Prone (English), F-Open or F-TR.  Empty chamber flags will be required; bring one.
 See you at the range.
Brian D. Shiffman

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