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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 5, 2012

The Week Ahead
   They say that fall is coming tomorrow - That today is the last hot day of the summer. I'm ready for that.  I prefer the cooler weather.
500 yd line at NWGC
   The forecast for this weekends matches at NorthWestern Gun Club, Duluth is for perfect weather. That's great because on tap is the hugely popular, "9/11"  Mid Range Regional Prone matches. It will be two days of comfortable prone competition at 300 and 500 yds. This is a match that shooters mark on their calendars way in advance because advance entries are usually necessary to claim a spot on the line, and because the range at NWGC is one of the nicest that you could ever shoot on. With the lake in the background, and the leaves turning color, it makes for a great day - especially if you shoot a good score.   Saturday's matches will all be at the 300 yd line with shooters firing 2 twenty shot matches for record with Iron sights (sling class) and two matches with "Any Sights".  On Sunday the action moves back to the 500 yd line, and the course of fire will be the same as on Saturday - 2 matches with Irons and 2 with "any" sights.
  In mid range matches I prefer to shoot my AR space gun in .223 cal with the Iron sights. The gun will shoot Xs all day if I point it there, and it's an easy gun to shoot.  For the scope matches, I'll bring along the 6BR.  This gun is harder to shoot, because it doesn't fit me as well as the AR, but it will drill Xs.  Having two guns means I won't have to change sights between matches. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend at NWGC. See you there?                Click here for Match bulletin and entry
   I'd call to check on entries before Driving--
Elliot Zunich email:  218-348-3029

Being from the upper Midwest, I (we) are usually not comfortable shooting in hot weather. When it gets up into the 90s with a little humidity, we wilt and whine.  Our shooting friends in the SouthWest shoot matches all summer with the temps in the 110s and no wonder why they think that Camp Perry is Cool and comfortable.   This following came to me from Mike Toliver after a Mid Range 500 at Rio Salado range last week.  I think we can appreciate shooting there in such conditions.

"RSSC August Prone Match
The match started humid and sticky and then it just got hot. It was kind of like being covered in molasses and set afire. The guns didn’t seem to care and the payback for the heat was mild conditions. Some good scores were shot as a result."  

70 degs, Fall Sunshine, this weekend at NWGC sounds a whole lot better to me.

1994 Minn State Service Rifle Team
300 meter international
From Brian Shiffman-
Hi all,
   This Sunday, September 8 the Minneapolis Rifle Club will hold its September monthly 300 meter match.  The first relay will start at 10 AM and the second relay at noon.  Relay spots will be filled on a first come first served basis.  Email your desired relay selection and I will acknowledge as they are received.
    Match fee increased to $20 in August.  The match is open to any shooter as long as the rules of the electronic targeting system and the range are followed.  No expanding bullets of any kind; only bullets specifically designated as Match or Full Metal Jacket (not plated).  Bullets must be supersonic at 300 meters.  NO barrel porting, compensators or muzzle breaks.  Any shoulder fired caliber is OK as long as the other rules are followed.  Got a .300 Win Mag? use it here.  Single loading of rounds, no magazine loads.
 See you at the range,
Brian D. Shiffman

Two Weeks out  
The Last chance to participate in one of the Prone Small Bore matches is coming up on Sept 16th.  Chris Hazleton is putting on this match at the very nice, but little used Elk River Sportsmen's club small bore range.  This range has nice grass firing lines, shaded by large trees, and is a very pleasant place to shoot prone matches.   The "Outdoor Conventional Prone" small bore matches consist of eight 20 shot matches at distances of 50 to 100 yds.  There is no better way to practice prone shooting than in prone small bore matches.  With every shot, you get instant feedback of your wind call. This is why most good long range shooters also shoot Sm bore prone matches.  

Sept. 15,16th  -- 80 shot OTC at MRC  -- Click Here for match bulletin
Sept. 16th       -- Sm Bore Prone at ERSC  -  Click Here for match bulletin 

That's All Folks 

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