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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 18, 2012

The Week Ahead
Dig out that Service Rifle and at least 50 rds of ammo. The end of season service rifle Leg Match weekend is being held at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club this Saturday (9/22), and Sunday (9/23).
  The weekend starts out Saturday  with a beginner match.
  From Kurt Borlaug:
"Purpose of this match is to familiarize new Highpower shooters to the sport in a low-impact environment. Coaching will be available for new shooters. This will include the all important phase of pulling targets in the pits. Please contact Kurt if you need gear. There will be rifles available (AR15 type) and suitable ammo on a limited basis at .50 cents per round."     Click here for Match bulletin and entry info

Experienced shooters and leg point seekers alike can use Saturday's match as a 'full course' tune up for Sundays Leg Match.

The Sunday forecast is for 66 deg, wind 5-10 WSW, and Sunshine. What more can you ask for?
  Whether you are a beginning shooter, a leg point zealot, or an old hand that hasn't had the Service Rifle out in a while, this is a good match for you.  It's a 50 shot match, so you only have to shoot 10 shots standing (I like that), but you still get the fun of Sitting and Prone rapid fire, and a full string 20 shots prone slow fire.  You can even sleep in an extra hour, as this match starts at the leisurely hr. of 10 am. There are leg points and medals on the table for prizes. We encourage all 'non distinguished' service rifle shooters to shoot this match and support the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  See you there?
                Click here for match bulletin and entry info

Last Weekend  
 Mpls. Rifle Club OTC matches -- Results not available. I do know that our MRRA Pres., George Minerich shot a new personal record score.  Good shooting George!

Small Bore Prone 1600 at Elk River Sportsmen's Club
Ed Hassig Sm Bore Range at ERSC
  This last SB prone match of the season was shot under just about the best conditions of any match this summer. It was 65 deg, Sunshine, and very little wind to worry about all day.  More than a doz. competitors took advantage of the mild conditions to shoot under the shade of the old Maple trees behind the line at ERSC Sm Bore range.  The Juniors outnumbered the adults 3 to 1, and also shot most of the highest scores.  Gabe Staufer from Iowa came up to join us for the day in only his 2nd prone SB match.  We hope to see Gabe back again next year.    
   The 50 yd match was the first competition of the day, and intermediate junior Carmen F. fired the top score of 399-22x. Jim Biles was taking advantage of the Senior Scope class, and also had a 399 but was 1 X short of the win.  Jim also fired a 399 in the Dewar match where shooters shoot one target at 50 yds and one at 100yds.  Just one point behind in that match, and using Iron sights, and were Juniors Nick Learn, and Eric Hazelton.   In the 100 yd match, it was Erick H, who again fired a 199 score on each target to win with 398-19x.   Going into the last match of the day, Erick H. was leading all the Iron sight shooters, but just a few pts ahead of Carmen F., and Nick Learn.  The 50 m match, or the "meter" match as it is known, is the hardest target.  There is just no room for error on that tiny 10- ring.  If the shot isn't perfect, it isn't a 10.  Junior, Nick Learn made the fewest mistakes and scored a solid 396 to lead the Iron sight shooters. It wasn't good enough though, as Eric H., and Carmen F. shot 395's, and would remain ahead in the days aggregate scores.
Complete Results - click to expand
   The match winner and highest score for the day was Jim Biles with a 1594-98x - Senior scope class. A couple more scores like that and Jim might get that Master Card.
   The Iron sight match winner was Jr. Eric Hazleton, who fired an awesome 1587-89x, to beat Carmen F, and Nick L. by just 2 pts over all.  Even though I ended up 14 pts back, it was a really great day to be out on the range pulling triggers with a lot of good folks.  Thanks to Chris Hazleton for running this Match.

Remember -
 The Vintage Military match at MRC, scheduled for Sept 22 is cancelled.
Sept 22  --  Beginner Service and HP rifle match at GRRC -- Click Here for match bulletin
Sept 23  --  Service Rifle Leg Match At GRRC -- Click Here for match bulletin

Two Weeks Out
Sept 29, 30  -- Mid Range and OTC at Eau Claire - Click Here for match bulletin
Oct. 6-7       --  Fullbore prone, and Long Range at GRRC - Click Here for match program

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