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Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 31, 2012

The Week Ahead   
Even though we are in the middle of the National championships at Camp Perry, Ohio, there are good rifle matches here locally in which to participate this weekend. 
   Prone Shooters can head to the Mpls. Rifle Club in NW Anoka County, for the Small Bore Metric Regional prone championship over the two days of Aug 4 & 5.  Shooters will fire a prone outdoor 1600 each day with the Saturday matches being an Iron Sight match, while Sunday's matches allow Any sights to be used.  These matches will really test the skill of the participants, as they will be firing on those unforgiving International Metric targets. I enjoy those metric targets as they demand close concentration, and they make the next match, using NRA targets, look easy.
                       Click Here for Match bulletin and entry info
MR Match Winner Brian Mrnak
Highpower shooters not heading for Camp Perry, because of cost and distance, can head up to NorthWestern Gun Club (much closer) for the annual "Poor man's Camp Perry" matches. There is a little something for everyone here.  On Saturday, it will be an 80 shot Over The Course match, and then on Sunday, Shooters will compete in an 4x20 (80 shot) Mid Range match to be shot from the scenic 500 yd line of NWGC's beautiful Hunter Lake rifle range. Two matches are to be shot with Irons and two with Any sights. 
Match director: Illja Zunich,  email: sveti_ilija@northlc.com  
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MR Champ Results (sling class)
Last Weekend 
Elk River Sportsmen's Club hosted the Mid Range State Championship last Sat, and Sunday.  I didn't make it to this match but:
 From Capt. Bob
     "Attached are pics from the MRP at Elk River.  Sling shooters only.....  
Brian Mrnak from Ashland, Wi. wins.  Bob is state champ. Erik Hazelton is jr. champ. Outstanding day for MRP.  Never more than 3 clicks of wind required all day.
Capt Bob -- State MR Champ
1.  From Karen Newell of GRRC;
     Hi Jim,  .... Glad you had fun. (at the GRRC Cmp games 7/14). We raised close to $2000 for the M-1 for Vets cause."
    Hawkeye says: It was fun, Karen, and raising that much money just makes it all the better. 

2. From Larry Weidell: on the Pig Roast matches at the Eau Claire Rifle Clu.
I meant to get some news of the pig roast to you.  The format changed this year to a 4x600 on Saturday and OTC on Sunday.  We got started about an hour late due to a rain delay.  The rest of the day was rather nice but a little on the warm side.  I think we had between 40 or so shooters for the day. About an hour or so after the match the pig was ready.  A small keg was also tapped.  Lots of discussions about the days events and other topics as well.  Dick V from Duluth brought out a tub of ice cream towards evening and we all enjoyed root beer floats.  Sunday started out extremely well at least for me anyway.  I managed a 190-3 standing.  The rest of the day went well with some pretty good scores by several of the twenty-one shooters.  At the end of the day the match winner with a 772-20 was me!  Imagine my surprise. As usual my hat is off to the Eau Claire National Rifle Club for a well run match and Pig Roast.   Later,  
Tks Larry for the Match rpt. and congrats to you for such good shooting! 

3. For the next week or two, there will be no Newsletter for shooters.  Have fun at the matches I'll miss and send in some picts and match reports. I'll post them later. Hawkeye
Two (or more) Weeks Out   
August 11,12 - Small bore 3P and 4P matches at Mpls Rifle club - click here for match program 
August 11  --    300 meter International at MRC
August 18  --    Small bore metric 3P matches at MRC  - match program Click Here
August 18  --    NRA Regional at NorthStar -- Click here for Match program  
August 19  --    NRA Regional team and Leg match at NorthStar  - Click here for Match program 
August 19  --    Sm Bore outdoor conventional Prone at MRC -- Click here for match bulletin
August 24  --    Highpower Off Hand St. Championship at MRC -- Click here for Match program  
August 24  --    Highpower Couples Team match and Picnic at MRC -  click here for match program 
August 24  --    SB State Champ prone at Hibbing - click here for match program  

 That's all Folks !

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