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Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 4th, 2012

It's 4th of July, Independence Day.  Lets all remember those who are serving to insure our independence today (as always).

The Week Ahead
 This coming weekend it's Match Rifle Championship weekend at Northstar Rifle Club.  The NRA championships will be held Saturday July 7-8, and the competition starts Saturday with the Team match.  Teams will be 4 shooters firing an 80 shot OTC match.  The individual competitions are scheduled for Sunday, July 8, and each shooter will fire the 80 shot regional match course of fire (OTC).  The NorthStar range is ready to go.  Members have worked hard, repairing the recent flood damage and I am sure that the matches will be as well run as are all those put on by NorthStar.
     Update on NorthStar from Capt. Bob:    
HP shooters:
"The North Star range is in good useable condition with a couple notes below. 
1.  We have been able to get only 13 each targets refaced (200 & 600) this means a limit of 13 teams.  The state record for teams is about 9 so this will not be an issue. 
It also means a limit of 39 shooters on Sunday.   I'm NOT going to 4 relays for just 2 or 3 shooters.  However, if I get at least 45 replies to this email saying you are coming I'll plan on 4 relays.  Thus far I have 3 paid entries & 1 phone entry. 
2.  I'm going to inspect the campground Tues. afternoon.  I believe there will be room to park 2 or 3 campers along the range road.  There is still a lot of dry mud where campers normally park near the trees.  With a little rain you would be parked in 3" of really slimy mud. The 100 yard line is solid and can hold a few tents. I'll have a campground update about dinner time Tues. 
3.  I understand the parking area in the pit has been cleared pretty well but I may be asking you to check with guys on your relay to carpool to the pits. 
Pits seal at 0845 both days please arrive NLT 0810.   Bob"
                      Click Here for Match Bulletin, map and entry info
300 M  International
The next 300 m International match at Mpls Rifle club will be this Sunday, July 8th. It's good to remember that these matches are shot from an air conditioned shooting house on targets 300m away while all shots are recorded on computer screens by each firing position. What better way to spend Sunday than pulling some triggers in air conditioned comfort !
  From Brian Shiffman:     
"The results of the June monthly MRC 300 meter match can be seen at
 Registration is now open for the July monthly 300 meter match to be held this Sunday, July 8th.  First relay starts at 10AM with a second relay beginning at noon.  Please email me your preference for first or second relay and I will confirm as I receive them.
 Beginning at the August 300 meter match, the match fee will increase to $20.  The current fee of $15 has been in effect since the earth was flat and we just have to keep up with the added costs we have in maintaining the electronic system.  This match will still be at $15."
 Late Note:  The first relay is full.  There are still spots open in the noon (second) relay.
Brian D. Shiffman  shiff004@umn.edu

Small Bore  
 Small bore position shooters are headed to the Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Club for the Minnesota Outdoor 3 and 4 Position State Championships. July 7th shooters will be firing 3 positions matches, and on Sunday, July 8th, they will be contesting the 4P matches.
   Click Here for the match bulletin and entry info.  

Last Weekend
  The State Champion Service Rifle shooter this year is M/Sgt Matt Griffin. The championship matches were fired this past weekend at NorthWestern Gun Club on Hunters Lake near Duluth, MN.  Matt dominated the prone matches, taking wins in the Prone Rapid fire match (198-3x), and the Prone Slow Fire match (199-9x).  James Pennington won the Standing Match with a steady 190-1x, and our North Dakota friend Coby Dalgliesh, took top prize in the Sitting Rapid fire match. Matt's aggregate score of 778-18x was enough to keep Kurt Borlaug (761) in 2nd place.
  As important as a State Champ title is, for most of the non-distinguished service rifle shooters, it is really just a warm up for the Leg Match. This year two legs were were given out, and both winners came from the Expert class.  Ryan Holien won an 8 point leg to add to his 'distinguished points', and Lorne Smith took home a 6 point leg.  Congratulations guys--when you are hot, you are hot.  The Gold Medal was won by already Distinguished shooter, Coby Dalgleish, with a great score of 477-12x, while Ryan Holien (473-7x) added the Silver Medal to his already successful weekend.  Larry Weidell's  collection of leg medals grows larger as he takes home another Bronze Medal (468-9x).

   Seven rifle teams of 2 men each fired for honors in the Team match. Larry Weidell and James Pennington's "Misfit's" team came out on top with a great score of 567-11x and wins the State team Championship.  Good shooting guys.
                 Click Here for complete results incl. Leg Match

Mark Havik sends us and excellent 1 min.video of Kurt B. showing us proper form and timing in the 300 yd Rapid Fire match.  Click Here for Marks video.

About the Pig Matches -- From Ron Berg:
"Hi Jim 
Attached is the match program for the piggy match on July 21-22 (Eau Claire rifle Club). Would you add this to your weekly newsletter you send out? The format has been changed.  This year, Saturday the 21st is a 4 gun 600yd match starting at 9am. Sunday the 22nd remains a 80 shot OTC starting at 9am also we need to get entries early  in order to plan on the number of people that will attend the pig feed.
Randy Gregory is the contact person to send entries to.     Program--click here
thanks, Ron"  

Two Weeks Out
July 14              CMP Games, M1's for Vets,  and vintage Sniper rifle match at GRRC
                            --  Program click here
July 15              Small Bore prone 1600 at MRC  -  Match program click here  
July 21-22         Minn State Long Range Champ at GRRC -- Match program click here
July 21-22         Pig Roast matches at Eau Claire  -  Match program click here

That's All Folks !

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