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Shooter's News for the Minn Area - Feb 22, 2012

The month ahead for Mn area shooters
Now that Winter is waning, and will be officially over in a few weeks, it's time to get ready for the spring competitions that include both Sm Bore and 300 meter championships. 
But first a report on the State  Junior Olympic Rifle Championships

Small Bore news  
From Chad Danielson:
                 "2012 State Junior Olympic Rifle Championships were held in Mendota Heights MN January 21st, and 22nd saw 46 competitors shoot the Air Rifle Championship, and 26 competitors shoot the Smallbore Rifle Championship.
                In the Air Rifle Competition Men shoot 6 targets in the standing position and the women shoot 4 targets. Giving men a possible 600, and women a possible 400, although the overall standings are tabulated using a percentage value.  The Air Rifle Championship saw Allie Taschuk place 1st overall with 388 / 400 with 97.00% also giving her the Women’s Gold.  The Women’s Silver was taken by Samantha Peterson with 367 points for 91.75%, placing her 4th overall.  Women’s Bronze went to Carmen Fry also with 367 points and 91.75%, but had one less center shot than Peterson which separated the two.   The Men’s Gold went to Patrick Sunderman shooting a 576 / 600 for 96.00% and placing him 2nd overall. Men’s Silver was won by Scott Chester with 569 points for 94.83%. Men’s Bronze went to Curtis Haglin shooting 547 points for 91.17%.
                The 3 Position Smallbore Competition all competitors shoot 20 record shots in Prone , Standing , and Kneeling.  The day of smallbore shooting saw Patrick Sunderman post a score of 563 out of 600 for the top spot, and Men’s Gold.  Men’s Silver went to Scott Chester posting a 536 for a 5th overall, with Bronze going to Sam Ewert who put up a 529 and a 6th overall finish.  Allie Taschuk was the top women’s shooter in smallbore putting up a 550 for second overall, followed by Carmen Fry with a 539 for the Women’s Silver and 4th overall.  Taking the Women’s Bronze saw Samantha Peterson with a 513 finishing her 9th overall.
                Congratulations need to go out to Minnesota Junior Shooters Allie Taschuk, Patrick Sunderman, Scott Chester, Samantha Peterson, and Elizabeth Ewert who all received 1st round invites in Air Rifle to the 2012 Nationals Junior Olympic Rifle Championships held in April at the United States       Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs , CO.  Invites are determined by shooting at or above a certain cutoff score determined by USA Shooting. 
                 Additional congratulations to Allie Taschuk and Patrick Sunderman who also received 1st round invites to the Nationals in the Smallbore discipline. 
                 A second round of invites are usually released after a certain cutoff date for 1st round shooters to accept or turn down their 1st round invite. After 1st round invites it appears Minnesota could be well represented in April at this years 2012 National Junior Olympic Rifle Championships."

Small Bore Winter League 
The Small Bore Winter league held at Mpls. Rifle Club is on-going with the next match to be held on March 4th at MRC's  Sm Bore range. No results from past matches are available.  
Match program -- click here  

Sm bore March Madness in Phoenix -- for traveling shooters.
Yes, it's almost time for the Western WildCat matches again. This match is a big draw for Small bore shooters from all over, that want to get in some top notch competition and get a jump on the summer season in Minn. With 5 days of sm bore prone shooting, this is the biggest Sm bore match west of the Mississippi, and usually draws a great number of shooters. Come on out, and be part of this historic match.  March Madness in Phoenix also includes 4 other weekends of Sb championship matches:
   February 24-27th  --  Tarantula 4800 metric prone -- Program: click here
   March  3-4th         --  Road Runner 3200 prone   --    Program: click here
   March  10-11th     --  Diamond Back 3200 Prone  --  Program: click here
   March  14-18th     -- Western Wildcat Matches  6400 Prone -- Program  Click Here
   March  24-25th     --  AZ Sb State Prone Champ  3200 Prone -- Program: Click Here

300 meter news 
The next 300 meter match will be held on Mar 11th at MRC.   E-mail Brian Shifftman at: for entry and squading info.    
Feb 12th 300 m report from Brian:  
   "What a gorgeous day for a mid winter shoot.  Not a cloud in the sky, light and variable winds (variable is the operative word) and a chill in the air.  Yes it was a little crispy but very nice nonetheless.  We had nearly a full house for two relays: 14 (which is the limit) in the first relay and 11 in the second.  When the last shot had been fired, the top 5 shooters were separated by only 6 points; however, there were 3 points between the top and second place shooters.         There were a number of first time competitors for our monthly matches; and, a couple of husband, wife competitors.  All in all, a very interesting and competitive match.  
    First place in F-Class went to Jessica Hendrickson with a 594.  A few notable comments about her shooting:  She was using a custom tube gun in 6BR built by her husband, John, who has shot with us in the past; this was only the second time she had shot the rifle (the previous day they were at the range to sight it in); it was only the third time she had shot a rifle!!  And, she was 3 points ahead of the field.    
   Also in F-Class, Robert Smith and Gary LaValley tied for second at 591 with Johann Boden and Brenda LaValley tied for 4th at 590.

    In 3-Position, Erhard Bruderer was ahead of the pack, followed by Garold Jones and Tom O’Donnell.

    Our MRC President’s two children, Kamilla and Konrad, shot bolt action .223’s for the first time with us.  For some reason, Kamilla’s target only provided a final score and not scores for the individual shot series.  That target did not have that problem when we went to the second relay.  However, because of that, and the way our scoring program works, I had to feed it scores by 20 shot series, so I divided here total by 3 to arrive at the correct result but not necessarily the way it actually achieved.

    The next 300 Meter club match will be on March 11, 2012.  Sometime in early March I will send out email for pre-registration for that match so stay tuned.
    The full results of the February match can be seen by following this link:
 See you at the range".----Brian  

George Minerich has announced the dates for the 300m St. Championships
From George Minerich
"Hi All: Please find attached the match bulletins for the 300M State Championship 3-Position and Prone matches at the Minneapolis Rifle Club. These matches are run under the International Rules which does not allow F-Class -- Sorry. By popular request the Prone Match is Saturday March 31, 2012 and the 3-Position Match is Sunday April 1, 2012. Both matches start promptly at 10:00AM so arrive by 9:30AM. Thanks!" -- George Minerich
    Match Program - 300 m Prone champ (3/31) - Click Here 
    Match Program - 300 m 3 Pos. champ (4/1) - Click Here  

Service Rifle Team 
No news to report

Team Coach, Larry Sawyer has written 3 really good articles for the MRRA on Offhand, and Prone shooting.  Well worth reading, these articles, "Successful Standing, Successful Standing Pt 2, and Top 3 Prone Mistakes":  are only available at the MRRA web site:  Click Here 

The Berger Bullets Long Range SW Nationals in Phoenix were a great success this year with over 200 shooters participating - including 10 of our own local shooters that made the trip to enjoy some trigger pulling in 70 deg weather, sunshine, and just enough wind to help separate the top shooters from the rest of the pack. 
  Video from the Berger Matches:
       Matt Griffin --  Click Here 
       Phil Klanderude -- Click Here
       "A View from the Pits" --  Click Here   
       Awards given out by Mid Thompkins -- Click Here
 Report:  "A view from the Line" By Capt. Bob Peasley
                    Click Here 

That's all folks !

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