Friday, February 10, 2012

Berger Bullets Long Range Nationals -- Friday

Friday at the Berger Long Range matches was the competition for Individual Palma honors.  Shooters fired at 800yds, 900 yds, and 1000 yds.
  Phil Hayes was the Match Winner with a score of 448-29x

Interim Results -- Friday Palma

Junior shooters pulling Targets (Palma Match)  and earning money for the AZ Junior team.

I spent the whole day in the pits, not pulling Targets like I signed up for, but on a radio as a Pit block officer.  If you are working a big match like this, you just do what you are told.  Running 70 targets today, it was necessary to have 4 block officers to keep things going smoothly. It was important for all to run well today because the NRA was out "observing" the match as Ben Avery range is in consideration to hold the World Championships in 2013.  Other than a few Radio problems, we did have a smoothly run match.

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