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Shooters News - The week Ahead for Minn Shooters - June 26, 2011

Minnesota Rifle Shooting:
The Week Ahead

  Small bore

Hardcore Sm Bore shooters will be back in action this next weekend at the Mpls Rifle Club's 20 position range in NW Anoka county.  That well run Small Bore facility will be hosting the NRA 4 position Regional Championship on July 2nd and 3rd, with the Iron sight matches being shot on Saturday, and the Any sight matches being shot on Sunday.   Shooters will be firing 40 shots in each position on each day. 
   Small Bore 4 Position Regional Championship :  Program --  Click Here  


At the same time Saturday morning (July 2) that the 4P folks are heading NW towards the little town of NowThen, MN,  the Highpower prone and F-class shooters will be heading SE on Hwy 61, past Hastings to the NorthStar Rifle Club to fire the Team Mid Range NRA & F-class Championship.  Teams are 4 shooters and each shooter will fire a 20 shots at the 300yd, 500yd, and 600 yd line.  If you are not on club team yet, check with your HP chairman, call around, or contact Capt. Bob who is writing down names for Pick up Teams.  

From Capt. Bob:                dilligas@means.net
MRP shooters:   June 25, 11
We have a master class space gun shooter from Indiana who will be in Minn. this weekend.  He would love to shoot on a pick up team at our MRP team championship July 2. Program attached. If you are interested in a PU team let me know ASAP & I'll try & get him set up with 3 other shooters. He is not concerned about your class, he wants to shoot just because "It's the right thing to do!".  Heck, we could even charge just 4 bucks a shooter  if you want to shoot just for fun & no scores to NRA.
Bob                 Program for MR prone team match at Northstar, July 2 -- Click Here

On Sunday July 3, Kurt Borlaug and his team of Service Rifle shooters will have a practice match and training session at NorthStar.  I do not know if this SR match is open to other fun loving service rifle shooters or is just a team event. 

More from Capt. Bob:
HP shooters:  June 3, 11
There seems to be some confusion on a tentative NRA match at North Star July 3.  That was a tentative event and due to lack of response it will NOT happen.  However, if you are a service rifle shooter the Minn. State SR team will be running a practice 50 shot course + a Rattle Battle practice on the 3rd at North Star. You can contact SR team Capt. Kurt Borlaug for further information.  kubeborlaug@msn.com
The MRP Team state championship is still on for Sat. July 2 at North Star.

On July 4th those of you who have M-1 Garands, and/or M1A service rifles, will have a chance to exercise those fine rifles in a match at the Eau Claire Rifle Club. There is a separate match for each rifle.  Match program for M-1 match Click here  and Click here for the M1A match program. What a great way to celebrate the 4th -- pulling triggers on an M-14 or an M-1----Yes!

  Last Weekend
I set off for the Elk River Sportsman's Club at the reasonable hr of 0700. It was a fine day for a shooting match.  There were two rifle matches to choose from and I had decided to shoot mid range prone with the 6BR at Elk river today and then shoot the .223 AR match rifle in the OTC match at the Mpls Rifle Club on Sunday. Gathering at the 600 yd line were all the shooters and I saw a lot of really nice F-class equip
ment but no sling shooters to form up a team with. It was a beautiful day, the range was in perfect condition, and it looked like those guys were going to have a great day and a great match

Cathy Hagen sent us in these great pictures of the Mid Range Match at Elk River.  As it turned out, Eric Hazleton showed up Sunday and shot as the only sling shooter and did fire some great scores.  Good going Eric.  

   Click Here to see slide show of  Picts from the Mid Range match. (picts by Cathy).

Team Match results:  Click Here    Individual Match results:  Click Here 

However with no team mate to shoot with, I decided to head out to MRC and the OTC match to see if there was an empty spot on the third relay.  I would be in plenty of time, and as it turned out the first relay of that match was just sitting down for the rapid fire match when I got there--- but all relays were full and I would be watching today.  It was nice to be back to MRC for an OTC match after not having been there to shoot one for over 12 years.  The range is in great shape and the pits are park like.  
  Kevin Bangen won the match  but the news of the day was O mer Hamer breaking the range record of 199-7x in the Rapid fire sitting position by shooting a 199-8x score.  (Mark Rohmer is cking the possibility that Rudy Wadekamper had shot a 200 in the late 90s)
Kevin Bangen also set a range record with his 986 in  Saturday's 1000 pt agg.  Great shooting guys!
  A couple of the Duluth guys came down from the North country and bunked in the 300 m house.
  Sunday morning headed back to MRC for the  OTC match and had good thoughts of shooting a good score for a change.  It started out fine, I got my highest Off hand score for a long while with a 190, but Kevin shot a 193 to win the match, and Omer was just one pt down with a 189 for his standing.  The sitting Rapid match also went well and after dropping only 3 on the first string, I got them all on the 2nd string with 6Xs,   Omer Hamer made sure that he did own that range record for the Sitting Rapid fire match by shooting a 200-11x and winning that match. Good Scores included Dale Wickstrom's 199, and Expert class Dick Van Valkenberg's  shooting a High Master score of 198.
Morning Colors

 We moved back to the 300 yd line and my first Rapid fire prone string went well again with only 2 nines, but on the 2nd string the wheels fell off as the extractor broke after the 6th shot and would only shoot one at time in the alibi so 30 pts were lost there. Erik Rhode fired a 196, leading all the others, but Kevin Bangen, who generally just shoots 10s all the time, shot only one nine and finishes as the match winner with a 199.

   In the Prone Slow fire match Glen Cory fired his best of the day and recorded a great 195.  Omer, Wick, and Erik Rhode, all fired high 190s but Kevin followed his scorched earth policy and took his 3rd match of the day with a 199-11 and a 788-31 for the day.  Kevins 80 shot OTC score again  breaks the existing range record! 
Congratulations to Kevin for his Win. It was a great day to shoot a match.
   Click Here  for Slide show of this Match.
   Click Here for Two day results   

  Long Range
Area shooters have returned from the Mid West Palma matches held last week in Lodi, Wisc.  Results to be posted on the blog asap.    

1. The American F-class team has just finished winning the world F-class trophy - the Creedmore Cup in Dublin Ireland
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Plenty of shooting this next weekend with the:
Saturday Mid range Team match at Northstar,,
Sat and  Sunday Sm Bore 4 position matches MRC.
Monday Service Rifle matches at Eau Claire.

There is no good reason to stay home. 
See you at the Range!   

Two Weeks Out
July 9-10    NRA OTC State Championships at NWGC
July 9-10    St. Sm Bore 4 P Champ. at Hibbing
July 16-17   Pig Roast OTC matches at Eau Claire  

 That's All Folks !
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