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Shooters News - The Week Ahead - 6/8/11

The Week Ahead
This Saturday, June 11th and 12th, Minnesota area long range shooters will be heading GRRC's long range shooting facility just North of the Twin Cities along Hwy #35. One of only two 1000yd rifle ranges in the upper Midwest, the Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club will be hosting a "Long Range Highpower rifle Championship".  Two days of shooting will feature competition in individual and team matches on both days with shooters using Iron sights Saturday, and Any sights Sunday.  Firing starts at 0900hrs. Entry's open till 0845 hrs.  Click Here for match bulletin.

Steve Billmeier

Last Weekend
Last Saturday was my first opportunity to get up to Northwestern Gun Club this year and I was lucky to have picked a great day for it.  NWGC was hosting their Atkinson/Lubke Mem. OTC matches and I could shoot Saturdays event.  0530hrs on the road with a cup of good coffee and I up there by 0730 to sign in and catch up on visiting with folks before the shooting started.  It was a great day with temps in the 70s and bright sunshine -- the perfect day to be "up north" for the day.
  As usual, NWGC was in great shape for the matches.  The guys never quit working on this place and Facility improvements are evident every time I get up there.  This time the first thing I noticed was the new metal roof on the 200 yd house.

   Assigned to Tgt #6 (my favorite at NWGC) and 2nd relay, I started out by scoring for
Kevin Bangen in the 200yd Off Hand match.  Even though the wind was coming up, Kevin held very steady for the conditions and posted a match winning 192.  This is good example of "winning it at the 200 yd line" as it put Kevin up 7 pts up on the competition before the 2nd match. The next best any one could do on this day was Capt. Bob with a 185 and Terry McDonnell with a 184.  I was happy with a 182 and a 94 on the 2nd string.  It could have been worse.
Larry Miller fired a solid 198-9x in the Sitting Rapid Fire match, but it wasn't good enough for the win as Kevin came right back in this match and posted two clean targets and a 200-8x.  Larry might have won the X count, but Kevin padded his 7 pt lead with 2 more pts. while I saved a rd by shooting too slow and giving away 10 pts.  Phil Klanderud fired a good 197 but was out of the running with a disappointing off hand score.
  Moving  back to the 300 yd line, I was looking forward to my favorite match -- 300yd Rapid Fire.  The first string of fire, I was a little low, but had a nice tight little group of Xs and 10x on the 2nd string.  OK that was fun. 
Dale Wickstrom and Elliot Zunich used their home range knowlege to fire good groups and 198 scores, but could not gain a pt on Kevin.  Fact is that Kevin padded his lead for the day by a point,  firing an almost perfect 199.  He would have to drop a bunch of pts. at the 500 yd line to give this win away, and even with the rising gusty wind, that was unlikely. 
  The 500yd line would not really decide the overall competition today as Kevin already had a commanding lead in the aggregate score, but the 500 yd line was it's own match and a win in this match was still worth fighting for.  It would be a fight as the the wind now was gusting back and forth faster than most could keep track of.  Try as he might, Kevin could not win this final match of the day.  Four 9s, right and left,  put Kevin out of the running as Capt. Bob and Larry Miller both posted 198s, having dropped only 2pts and Capt. Bob winning this match with 10 well shot Xs.
  The Winner of the day was
Keven Bangen firing an awesome 787-26x on a gusty windy day.  Congratulations to Kevin
  Two Day Results at NWGC --  Click Here


Five Xs and five 10s - Kevin Bangen

  Special Treat (videos)--- Shooters firing 200 yd Sitting Rapid fire at NWGC - turn up the volume!
            1.  Larry W.  -- listen and note "Trophy Trigger" technique!        Click Here          
            2.  Capt. Bob  -  Click Here    
            3.  Larry M.    -   Click Here   

Highpower Notes:
From: Stacey Tamulinas
Here are the final Results from the Rudy Wadekamper Palma matches held a GRRC last weekend.
            Palma Match Results Click Here 
  Note: Stacey was overall match winner, Steve Erickson won the "unlimited bullet" trophy, and Elliot Zunich won the 155gn bullet trophy.

cott Olson wants to remind us all that Elk River Sportsman's Club is hosting a Mid Range Match (prone 600yds)  - June 24, 25th
From: Scott Olson   
Just a couple weeks before the approved match. --Scott"       Match Bulletin Click Here  

Note: there will be a non-alcohol  BBQ after the Sat. Match

From: George Minerich -  MRRA Pres.  

"Please find attached a flier for a Rifle Coach Training clinic for this September in Anoka.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would mention it in your shooter update and post it on your Blog site.
Thanks!    George Minerich,"        Click Here for bulletin for Coach training clinic
Note:    I will post a link to this Clinic bulletin permanently on the blog in the right hand column

From:  Ron Berg -- Eau Claire Rifle club 

Attached are the programs for the matches on the 4th of July,  Bring your friends and buddies along we have extra M1 rifles for those that need one. Hope to see you all there   
RON            Program for Garand march July 4th Click Here   Program for M1A match July 4th -- click Here

300 M International
From Brian Shiffman:   

 Greetings one and all.  I think summer is about to begin.  My ark has settled on a stump in my back yard so it is time to get out and work in the yard.  t is also time to get ready for the monthly Minneapolis Rifle Club match for June; it will be held on Sunday, June 12.  Cold weather clothing will not be necessary.  Match begins at 10AM.  Email me if you have any questions.   

Two Weeks Out
Tuesday morn Sm bore at GRRC continues -  0900hrs
June 17-19 -    3 days of 80 shot OTC matches -  NWGC      Program Click Here
June 18 -         SB offhand league -   Program Click Here
June 19 -         Sm bore prone 1600 - MRC --      Program Click Here

That's all Folks


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