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The Week Ahead -- Shooters News for the MN area - 5/24/11

Shooters News for the MN Area - 5/24/11

The Week Ahead
Memorial Day weekend is coming up next weekend, and what could be a better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than to have a shooting match. There are rifle matches next weekend and the fact is that there are 7 of them scheduled over the 3 day holiday.  that should be just enough to make even the most avid shooter happy.

 The Long Rangers will have more opportunity to apply their art as Lodi will be hosting their 3 day Regional with both 1000yd and Palma matches scheduled for May 28th-30th.

  Mid Range prone shooters can head to Northstar on Sat. May 28 for a Mid Range prone match and barbeque afterwards.  While this match was originally to be a Service Rifle match, it has been opened up to match rifle shooters, Senior Scope shooters, F-class, and as it's to be a fun match -  come and shoot!

 From Capt. Bob:
"You may/may not be aware that North Star is planning on a fun $10.00 MRP match this coming Sat. May 28 followed by a picnic. Originally we wanted to make this an M1 Garand only event. Today a North Star member suggested we should open this to ALL shooters, sling shooters & F class. So I am resending the program for those who were not on the original list. NOTE that I need your name by this Wed. the 25th at noon for proper food order. Disregard the part in the program that says M1 Garand or service rifle only.  I probably do not have a complete list of F class shooters in the area so you guys can pass this along.
   Thus far I have only 7 names interested in shooting & the picnic. If we don't have at least 15 names for food by Wed. May 25 the picnic will be canceled.  If I don't have at least 15 names of shooters by the same time the match will be canceled also. I do not need money, just a note saying you will attend assuming it were to quit raining by then. 
WED. MAY 25, 2011 NOON SHARP. CALL OR EMAIL ME 507-363-0011.
Bob"                                                         Click Here for Match program

Over the Course shooters, will get their chance on Sunday May 29th, just south of town near RedWing as there will be an 80 shot OTC match at NorthStar.  Click Here for match program.

Small Bore
This is the weekend of the Regional Outdoor Prone Championship at Mpls. Rifle Club.  The new interest in Sm Bore prone shooting is evident in the Full line we saw at last weeks prone league 1600 match.  We expect numbers to continue growing as more F-class shooters and Senior scope shooters take advantage of great opportunity for great competition on the Sm Bore firing line. The fact that we have top quality Junior rifle clubs that can send 10 good Juniors to the line is also helping the competition.
  Saturday, May 28th,  is Iron sight day in this Regional tournament -- 160 shots for record and unlimited sighters.  Sunday, May 29th will be Any Sight day - again 160 shots with unlimited sighters. 
Sm Bore Reg. match program Click Here

Last Weekend
I assume that the Wadekamper Palma Matches were rained out. No news of this match forwarded to me.

Two Weeks out
June 4th -  High Power Clinic - Post 435  -  Program Click Here
June 4th -  80 OTC -  Northwestern Gun Club, Duluth  - Program Click Here
June 5th -  80 OTC -  Northwestern Gun Club, Duluth  - Program Click Here

Tuesday Morning Sm bore league
at GRRC continues -  incls. F-class.  0900hrs.

Service Rifle Team T-shirts
Tom Torberg is again putting together an order for Service rifle team t-shirts.  I'm not sure if they are sold to the general public or just to the team members -- contact Tom if you want MN Service Rifle Team T-shirt or hat.
From Tom:
"Please pass this onto your Minnesota Service Rifle Team email list.  I know it may seem a little early but I would like to put together the team T-shirt and Hat order for the Minnesota Service Rifle team.  Our current inventory includes five hats and a couple of shirts.  So the questions I have are:
1.       Do we need to order more shirts or does everyone have enough from previous years?  If we do order more the design would be identical to last year except there would not be any advertising on the sleeves.
2.       Do we need to order more hats?  Again the hat design would be the same although I would get a standard type adjustment kind instead of the flex fit.
3.       Do we want to order sweatshirts?  These would not be like the ones we ordered a couple of years ago.  Everyone wanted a bigger logo.  I was thinking of design that looked just like the shirts.  Any other ideas or suggestion please let me know.
4.       Please email me at tjtorborg@aol.com if you need shirts, hats and/or sweatshirts.  Or if you have any design ideas or suggestions. 
Thanks, Tom"

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