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The Week Ahead -- Shooter's News for the MN area -- May 4, 2011

The Week Ahead
 For me, the MN shooting season starts this weekend (Sat) at GRRC with the Bob Hall OTC match.  We shifted from AZ to MN early this week and had an opportunity to travel though some of the most beautiful country there is.  Just north of Flagstaff AZ, you drive through John Wayne country (Monument Valley) on your way to Moab, UT, and the Colorado River highway leading up through the Rockies and out to Denver.  I'll post some pictures and a video or two on the Blog - Magnificent and we the people of the great USA own it! 
  This Saturday, May 7th,  Over the Course shooters can shoot at GRRC, at the long running Bob Hall Memorial 80 shot OTC match. This will be a good warm up for all the Service Rifle shooters looking to make the MN service rifle team.  I'll be there with a match rifle, as I like shooting the rapid fire matches in the OTC course of fire.  I'm always looking for that elusive 200 score in Sitting and Prone rapid fire, and the chance to shoot a 20 shot match at 600 always a good challenge.
  Click Here for Bob Hall match program
from Kurt BorlaugBorlaug:
GRRR  wants to advise all competitors attending the Bob Hall Match this Saturday to wear appropriate footwear. Our pits are a bit soggy and I want no whining about wet feet if you show up in running shoes or the like.
  Also, is it just me, or does anybody else think it's odd that just a week or so after MSGT Matt Griffin gets deployed. OBL is room temp???  Say a prayer for all our armed forces all over making our lives what they are.
Later, Kurt
This Sunday, May 7-8,  there are Mid Range Prone matches at Lacrosse Rifle Club.  --  600 Yds.
   The match program web site is down at this time but Click Here to try it.
High Power Notes:
1.   Post 435 VFW will be hosting a Service Rifle Clinic on June 4th - Click Here for Match bulletin.
2.   NorthStar Rifle club is considering scheduling an OTC match July 3
    From Capt Bob:
"Would you shoot a 1 day OTC at North Star July 3 if I can get the range?
 I think it would be a $15.00 fee with minimum awards and no scores to NRA.
 If I can get at least 20 shooters I would probably set it up." --  Bob 
 John Graves has donated a $50 prize for this match as way to celebrate his B-day and:
 Capt. Bob proposes to:
"pending approval from John.  His cash prize would awarded by drawing vs. high score.  I believe this method should attract more shooters than the match winner getting it. We will put all the names in a hat and draw.  
 The usual award schedule will apply from your entry fee. Now do you feel better about shooting on July 3? let me know by May 10 because I'm away for a week starting the 11th."
3.  Elk River Sportsman's Club is adding a Mid Range Prone match to the schedule on June 25 &26. Each day contestants will shoot 4 prone 20 shot matches with Any Rifle and Any sights -- both sling and F-class.  Click Here for Match program and entry 
 300 Meter International
Minneapolis Rifle Club hosts a 300 meter Prone International match this Sunday, May 8th on their sophisticated Electronic target system.  There will be classes for 3 position, prone and F-class shooters.  These international targets are vary demanding, but shooting with this kind of technology and a shot plotting monitor next to every firing position really fun.
 From George Minerich:  
Sunday brought the 3 Position to Mpls. Rifle Club for the 300 meter Championship Match.
Eight shooters fought it out in great match shooting conditions. This match is shot with unlimited sighters before each position. Shooters shot 20 rounds Prone, 20 rounds Standing and 20 shots Kneeling for record (all slow fire). Shooters competed on the 300 M International Electronic C 1 Target in all positions.    Sm Bore
Erhardt Bruderer won the 2011 300 m State Championship, shooting a 3P score of 554
Eric Hazleton won the 2011 Jr 300m St. Championship, shooting a 3P score of 502.
Complete Results;  Click Here
This smmer there will be a special prize for the most dedicated small bore prone shooter. 

Small bore
From Chad Danielson:
Sunday May 15th  MRC Conventional 1600 Prone tournament is the first Smallbore prone match that goes towards the newly developed Minnesota Aggregate  Prone Title.  Any shooters that show and shoot the tournament will have their score recorded for points towards the cumulative title at the end of the summer season.  Actual tournament score will be used to accumulate points towards the title. For example a shooter who shoots a 1586 will have 1586 points towards the championship.  Whatever smallbore prone tournament that shooter was to shoot next will then be added to his or her total. At the end of the season the shooter who has accumulated the most tournament points will be declared the 2011 Minnesota Smallbore Prone Aggregate Champion.   This was set up with the idea of promoting continued growth of our local Smallbore Shooting matches throughout the summer. Also this system doesn't't necessarily mean the best shooter will end up, as end of the season champion, the shooter most dedicated to attending matches possibly will have the highest accumulated points total at the end, as the more of the 9 scheduled Smallbore prone matches you attend the more points you will accumulate. There will be an overall end of the season plaque, and a junior category plaque to be awarded at the end of the summer

Click Here for summer aggregate Program

Next Sm Bore matches are Sunday, May 15, at MRC .  This is a Conventional prone outdoor 1600. 
  ** Remember -  this match is open to Seniors using Scopes and to F- Class shooters, so if you have a small Bore rifle, there is no excuse for not coming to this match. See program below.
 Two Weeks Out:
May 14-15 -- Long Range Regional at Lodi
May 15     --  Sm Bore prone 1600 at MRC - Program Click Here 
May 21-22 -- Wadekamper Palma matches at GRRC -- Click Here

 Thats all Folks

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