Monday, February 21, 2011

Results of 300 Meter MRC Match of Feb. 13th.

Results of 300 Meter MRC Match of Feb. 13th.
Shooting on this match day was pretty good.  The weather was above freezing and the targets worked.  We had a fine turnout of 16 shooters plus a few observers.  To handle the number of shooters we went to a second relay.  The winds were not strong but they were variable and if you did not pay attention it was easy to blow a shot.  As shooting progressed the winds became a bit stronger.  The nature of the firing range with the two side berms creates wind directions that can be confusing; at times the wind flag on the left (West) berm could be pointing East while the flag on the East side of the range (not on the East berm) would be still, or even pointing West.  That makes for tricky wind reading.  I believe we will be putting up some additional flags down range that will make reading the wind much easier.
Even with these challenges, there were people with very consistent scores through the three series of 20 shots that constitute the match.  Some, like Russ Saikel, shot the same for every 20 shot string.  Some were only off one of 2 points per sting.
   One caveat, I did not record the last sting for Tom Loberg.  This was my mistake since I did not go back to the scoreboard after the dust cleared to capture his score.  To ensure that Tom gets a score at this time I filled in the score he had for his first two series which were 196 each.  The last 196 may or may not be his actual result.  So, Tom, can you email me your score for your last 20 shots. 
     I have been trying to work myself into Prone class but have decided that I need practice with sight alignment and sight picture with iron sights, so I shot F-Class in an attempt to remove one large variable and just concentrate on sights.  Well, as you can tell by my score, I am not ready for prime time Prone.   The next match will be in March on Sunday the 13th.  By then the weather should not be an issue (unless it is too foggy to see the targets).  Hope to see you there.
Brian D. Shiffman

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