Monday, February 14, 2011

Out of Town Match -- Road Runner Sm Bore matches - Feb 12-13, 2011

Rick Curtis Photo
  There was tough competition this year at the PGRC Road Runner SB matches in Phoenix. 27 shooters shot in often times switchy conditions and still produced excellent scores.  Rick Curtis who shot a 1600-117x on with iron sights Sat, dropped 3 pts in the meter match Sunday and those 3 pts dropped him to 3rd overall in the final standings. Nancy Tompkins  and Peter Church who each had lost only 2 pts on Sat came roaring back on scope day and held for 1600s to take overall 1st and 2nd places.  Other notable scores was Mick Walker - Sharpshooter Class  (and match director) who dropped only 10 pts all weekend on 640 shots for an astounding 3190-227x and shot a perfect 200 -20x in the meter match. I suspect Mick will get his Expert card by the Wildcat matches -- or maybe he will just skip into the Master class (I hope so).
Final results -- Click Here

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