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Shooters News -- the Week ahead -- Dec 4th

Shooters News for the MN area --  The Week Ahead  Dec 4th

Meeting Date: December 4, 2010, Board 10:00 AM, Membership Noon
Meeting Location: Gander Mountain located at 14640 W. Freeway Dr., Forest Lake, MN, 55025, phone (651) 464-0707
All members are welcome to attend the Board Meeting!
Notice and Agenda -- Click here 

Winter High Power League At MRC

Minneapolis rifle club has posted their schedule for the winter High Power league.  These matches are shot all at 300 meters from the MRC heated shooting house on electronic targets.  Shots fired are shown on a computer monitor next to each firing position.  This is a really neat system to shoot on and you don't have to get cold or pull targets.

 From George Minerich
Hi Guys please find below the schedule for the MRC Saturday NRA National Match / F-Class League.   The schedule was tough to set up due to holidays and the 300M State Championships on April 2&3.  We will shoot the NRA National Match Course, 10 offhand, 10 Rapid Sitting, 10 Rapid Prone and 20 Slow Fire Prone with sighters at each position.  F-Class will shoot 50 rounds prone plus sighters.  If you want EIC practice you get no sighters.   All targets scoring is modified for the electronic targets at 300 meters and the target on the computer monitor will look like the SR, SR-3 or MR.  For F-Class shooters we will let you shoot the International target - 50 rounds plus sighters (challenge wise, it's very similar to the F-Class target). 

The league fee is a flat fee of $80.00.  The fee pays for heat electronic target maintenance and a small range use fee.  The $80.00 fee is due at the first match and is nonrefundable.  Please note the fee is set up this way to reserve the range and to be sure there is participation since I am donating 8 Saturdays.       You can pre-register by contacting me -- see below.
   Matches start at 10:00am, but be there by 9:30am for preparation.   We should be done about noon.
   Please contact George Minerich if you have any questions at (320) 968-6898 or
Click here for Schedule:          First match is Dec 18th

Out of Town Match - Nov 27 2010
500yd Prone Match -- Rio Salado, Mesa AZ
Had a great day last Saturday with friends at the 500 yd prone match at Rio Salado. Things went well and I dropped only one pt in the first two matches. Then front sight came loose in the 2nd string of the last match and I shot a 7 and two 9's for a 594-31x and a 5th place over all. ARRRRGH! Thought it was my day. Still---had lots of fun. the 6mm BR that Randy Gegory made for me is just drilling Xs when I do my part.
Slide show of this match -- Click here

2011 High Power Schedule for the MN Area
Capt Bob has Published the 2011 Highpower Schedule.  Dec 6th revision.

 From Capt. Bob -- who must be in his "blue" period and I couldn't change the color
This is going to match directors or potential directors and some interested club officers. You are EL-FREEBO to share it with others as you see fit.
A few points to note.
1.  I was unaware until fairly recently that ERSC was going to be in a position to run any matches. Thus I have offered them the opportunity to host the NRA regional on Aug. 20-21 rather than at North Star since I'll be unavailable to run it then.
2. North Star has hosted the MRP team championship for the last 3-4 years in mid Sept.  This year North Star will host the SR championship that weekend of Sept. 17-18. Yeah I know that's late in the season so you find a better place to put it!  And besides, it's nice to spread them out. 
3.  I have offered ERSC a few dates that they can pick from to host the MRP/F class team event. 
4. North Star will work with ERSC to find another date or 2 where we may swap for a regular old approved match of some kind.
5. Regional applications MUST be in to NRA by the end of Nov. thus it would behoove ERSC to proceed with all vigor if they intend to run a NRA regional in Aug. of 2011.
6. Uhhhhhhhhhh...... I forgot point 6........oh well it must not have been that important.
7.  And that's all I have to say about this.
8.  See attached schedule and advise me ASAP of any errors in dates & locations.  I'll update contacts once we are sure the rest of it is correct.

 Reply From Scott Olson of ERSC

ERSC will be honored to host the regional on Aug 20,21.  We will look at the calendar for the team mrp match dates.  We were excited to have the SR championship also, but we are fine with North Star having it.  ERSC is planning on having several approved mrp matches over the summer also.  More to follow when I get back to office.

Also From: Capt. Bob  (I think that his computer is stuck on blue)
OK guys, am I nuts or what? I have NOT been drinking or smoking anything! 
 As we all know Garand matches are very popular.  Mid Range Prone is coming on but.............
to the best of my knowledge there has never been a MRP match limited to Garand's only. Sooooooooooo I'm thinking Memorial Day weekend Saturday for this.  Two divisions 1. Rack grade with the usual CMP guidelines. 2. Match grade.  30-06 or 308 in either. If there is enough demand we could go to a 3rd division with M1A's. Shoot 20 each at 3, 5 & 600 then eat! Entry fee $15.00 includes lunch and a small award schedule or some cheap medals!
Capt. Bob 

I recently had a situation at the Rio Match where we were scoring in the pits (two relays) and the puller/scorer lost track of a competitors scores and hard feelings followed. So-- I  e-mailed the rules expert.  
to Capt Bob
  You have a good knowledge of the rules
  Is there a rule that covers the situation where a scorer doesn't pay attention and misses scoring a shot, and then tells the competitor at the end of  a slow fire string that the competitor needs to fire more shots when the competitor has already fired the 20 record shots?  
  Would the competitor have to fire the additional shots if he had kept a score book  and had 20 record shots recorded, or does the competitor have no recourse if he told the scorer to not call out the shot # and value?   
  Are here Any rules to govern this problem (less shots recorded than fired) when scoring is done in the pits as with only 2 relays?  Who wins this challenge if the shooter on the line kept a score book and claims that 20 record shots were fired?  
Jim E

From Capt .Bob        

I believe this is one of those areas that needs further clarification from the HP committee.
Rule 14.3.1 (c) says that if the shooter requests of the scorekeeper that his shots not be called out as he fires then he forfeits the right to challenge the recorded score see rule 16.1.  (Remember this !)
  When reading 16.1 there is nothing that addresses this specific scenario.  At least not that I can see.  I believe it has been a traditional requirement to fire as many shots as needed to fill out the score card.  In other words if you fired 2 sighters and 20 for record and have 22 empties; but the scorekeeper says you have 4 more shots, then you must shoot 4 more or take 4 misses. This would apply at any time but be very unlikely to happen if the shooter asked for each shot to be called out.   And yes I know many of us are deaf and can't hear those calls but my opinion is that the shooter should ask the scorekeeper to sit close enough to hear the calls or ask the scorer to show the card each time he writes in a value.  PITA but it avoids mistakes.
   I see no other way to proceed other than the above if there is disagreement in the # of shots fired. After it's over you should proceed to the stat office and DEMAND you NEVER be squadded with that idiot again! I have heard it said that if the shooter is keeping a score book and the above happens it's legal to copy shot values out of the shooters score book if there is an error.  I can't find this anywhere in the rule book and I have read every word of it more than once.  Perhaps a local interpretation by a referee at Perry or something.
    As far as 2 relays and keeping score in the pits I see nothing in the rule book either way saying we can even do this.  I doubt it would be allowed at a registered match, that is only 2 relays with no dedicated scorekeeper. One can probably avoid lots of arguments on a 2 relay match if the program clearly says scores will be kept in the pits and those scores are final and official. Even if they are wrong! Or have the rang officer make an announcement prior to fire of this policy.

   In my humble opinion a 2 relay match is a fun/practice event so who cares if there is an error.  But that's just me!
Sorry I couldn't have a more definitive answer but I just don't see it anywhere.

Remember there is a Highpower OTC  Match at MRC  on Dec 18th

That's all folks

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