Saturday, December 4, 2010

AZ Palma Championships -- Dec 3-5 2010

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Results --- 3 days and final:
Winners   Day 1 Nancy Tompkins   450-33
               Day 2 Nancy tompkins     450-30  Wow!
               Day 3 Peter Church         450-24
Note:  Day 2 Larry Miller (Wisc.) 2nd overall with 449-16

Pictures by Rick Curtis -- Click Here
          More from Rick -  Click here     (albums are on Facebook)
As many of you know Nancy Tompkins is our new AZ Palma Champion. Her unprecedented back to back 450's on days 1 and 2 and with a 446 on Day 3 bested all comers. Californian Tom Whitacker took the second spot with a 1344. We had some spectacular weather with over five days of mostly windless conditions.
 This is from 900 yds.  ( F-class)
  I  (Hawkeye) was pulling the target.

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