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Shooters News -- the months ahead

Next Match
The Winter Highpower league's next match is scheduled for Mar 6th at Mpls Rifle club.  Come out and pull some triggers in the nice warm shooting house---shoot on electronic trargets at 300 m, and socialize a little about the upcoming summer shooting season.
map to MRC posted on top

Sandy's match
" The Minneapolis Rifle Club hosted the
Robert Sandager 60 Round Offhand Match at it’s range in St. Francis, Minnesota firing on the 300 Meter International Target. Robert Sandager graciously donated the prize money! Twenty shooters from the region entered the match and shot in metallic and any sight match events. Several shooters only shot in one match so a total of 25 scores were marked.

Over the two days many good scores were shot but the top gun was Larry Sawyer. Larry shot an impressive 538-8X using metallic sights.; Second overall high score was shot by Lance Peters using a scope shooting a fine 522-6X.; Dave Dexter shot the third highest overall score of 517-5X using a scope."
George Minerich

Rifle Martial Artist or Gamesman

Are you a service rifle shooter that competes in CMP Leg Matches?  If you do, then you are by definition a Rifle Martial Artist and are in training to defend your nation.  Your skill at this may depend on your motivation for being a Rifle Martial Artist. This month Dillon Precision published a very good (but short) article discussing this subject.  Click here:

Infantry Team load
State Service Rifle team Capt., Kurt Borlaug,  is in the process of choosing a standard load for the State rattle battle team to use this summer at the National Matches. He is thinking that a load of approximately 24gn RL-15 behind either a 77 SMK or a 75 Hornady will be chosen load for all team members to use.  If you have any suggestions or want input into this issue---contact Kurt 

HP Rifle Clinic
Feb 20th
"The 2nd annual high power rifle clinic hosted by North Star Rifle club at Gander Mt, lakeville was attended by 20 shooters. this included about 5 or 6 NorthStar members, and 4 or 5 shooters who knew nothing about high power shooting but are serious about trying it.  Member Bob Peasley rand the clinic and was assisted by Kurt Moline in demonstrations of the various positions. After the clinic the attendees enjoyed Pizza supplied by NorthStar Rifle Club."

Capt. Bob

Club vs Club warm up match
Are you on a team yet?  Does you club have a team yet for the Club vs Club team warm up match on May 30thAs all who were there last Sept. know --the Club vs Club mid range team match was the best match of the year. This year the first club vs club team match will be May 30th and this match will be an Over the Course match, either 50 or 80 rds (not decided yet).  Every club is on notice to get their team (s) organized as the challenge has been issued to compete for club bragging rights.  There will be no All Star Teams, made up of ringers from multiple rifle clubs, so it is a true club vs club match and each club does have a chance to place and brag about their clubs.  We expect to see teams from  NWGC,  Northstar, GRRC, MRC,  Elk River,  LaCrosse,  Eau Claire, Bald Eagle, Post 435.--
so talk it up, organize early, and remember:   If your club isn't there,  it can't win.  The worst losers are the ones that don't participate.
Program (tentative):
   Note:  this past Sunday, Desert Sharpshooters hosted the 118th annual Washington's B-day match at BenAvery, Phoenix.  This annual 4 man Service Rifle team match is is the longest continuous running rifle match in the nation (118 years in a row). It's all held at 200 yds on reduced targets to save time.  (Bill Poole photo)

   55 teams showed up-- some to compete fiercely but most just to have fun-- M1 teams, Springfield 03 teams, A4 carbine teams, NG teams, Junior teams, and a couple commercial teams (Accuracy Speaks won again with Phil Hayes, Tom Albinito, Jim Evenson, Wayne Ulrich and yours truly won the "Old Fart" plaque). This level of participation shows that team matches are the most fun or the people would not show up year after year.  Team matches generate interest within the clubs and promote shooting participation for club members.  So, High power division chairmen get busy, organize those teams. Let's have some fun.

Iron sight Optics
  This morning I talked to Allen Elliot, and had him order me a .3 diopter for my 30mm Right Sight. Allen said that the new diopters came mounted in a little carrier that screwed into the front of the sight instead of sliding in and being held in by the nylon o-ring as the older ones are held in. 
  This immediately made me think that moving the diopter
forward one inch might have consequences, such as in changing the focal distance to the front Aperture.  Of course, I was incorrectly assuming that the diopters are designed to focus the image at the front ap plane.  Then I brought this up with Bill Luth and he said that a diopter is the reciprocal of the Focal length so that a .3 dio has a focal length of 30.03", and a .5 has a focal length of 26.24".
from Bill Luth
"focal Length = 1/diopter . The lenses that we call 0.3 and 0.5 are  really 1.3 and 1.5diopter with corresponding focal lengths of 30" and  26" (about), so you are correct that the focal length and sight radius are directly related. Now should we think about the image formed at > the rear sight or at the front surface of the eyeball?
  1/1.3 =.7692m .7629 X 39.36 in/m = 30.03 in focal length
  1/1.5 =.6667m .6667 X 39.36 in/m = 26.24 in
The diopter values refer to the reciprocal of the focal length in meters. Although we call them .3 and .5 diopter they are really 1.3 and 1.5. A problem with shooters shorthand."
--Thanks Bill
  If this is the case, then should we not be adjusting our sight radius to the focal length of the diopter
so as to have the image as sharp and focused as possible??  It is always evident that the bullseye seen through a .3 diopter appears to be much sharper, and blacker than a bullseye seen through a .5 diopter. ( Size of image being irrelevant).  This seems to bear out the fact that a .3 diopter focuses at 30 in   and that is somewhat closer to our sight radius on most guns these days.
   Maybe this whole business is irrelevant because what we really want is to examine the image (exit pupil) that is larger because we are examining it forward (or aft) of the focal point, and thus, of course, it is out of focus.  Maybe the image through a .3 diopter examined at 30 in. would apprear the same as one examined through a .5 diopter at it's focal point of 26 in ?????
   None of the above brings in to play the effect of two apertures  placed into the line of sight between the diopter and the eye.    Now-- as far as optics go, the "diopters" that we use are " convex-concave positive" lenses. The optics rule that applies is that "when the distance to the image (target) is more than two focal lengths, then the focused image distance behind the lens will be less than 2 focal lengths. Formula:   B=FxA/A-F   so   F( 30" .3 dio) x A(200yds)/A(200yds) minusF (30in)  = 2.5ftx 600ft/ 600ft-2.5ft =2.51ft == 30.12".   Therefore if we examine this image (with our eye through a .3 diopter) at any other distance than 30.12 inches it will be out of focus.
  I am meeting with Bill Luth this afternoon to discuss setting up an optical bench to further examine this issue.  Stay tuned.
If there are any optictians out there than can shed some light on this problem--- let me know. 

Summer schedule update -- Minn area Highpower matches
"Attached is the latest on the summer HP schedule as of Feb. 22.  Due to a scheduling conflict the
1. MRP championship had to be moved to July 24-25 which now leaves the first full weekend of Aug. open.
2. North Star has scheduled a stand alone leg match Aug 22 and a possible OTC Aug. 21
3. The NRA team match is a firm date of May 30.
Please adjust your calendar accordingly."    click for  2010 MN High Power sched. Revised Feb 20th--
Bob Peasley

New Front rifle sights from Phoenix Precision
From Gary Lavalley
"Here are the front sights I am making. The one on the left is the Long Range, suitable for bolt actions and Palma rifles, price $150.00 + $5.50 shipping. Next is the AR-15, price $165.00 + shipping. On the right is the Ultra High, for tube guns and the T2K, price $175.00 + shipping. The Ultra High will work on the AR-15 also. The barrel band fits a .750 dia. barrel. All of these sights accept 22mm accessories. The level is adjustable for position twist.
These are ready to ship now.  Hold Hard!"
Gary LaValley      Phoenix Precision,  19745 159th St.,   Elk River,  MN  55330     --763-263-3327 
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