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News -- The month ahead

Shooters news ---The Months Ahead

Upcoming matches:

Winter Highpower league
will host the 3rd match of the winter season on this Sat --Feb 6th at Mpls, Rifle club. The format is an "over the course" style match consisting of 10 shots offhand, 10 shots rapid fire sitting, 10 shots rapid fire prone, and 20 shots slow fire prone. Remember this match is shot from a heated shooting house where only the end of your barrel suffers from the cold. There are 12 comfortable firing positions, Electronic targets, and a club room for socializing.
This just in from George Minerich about Winter shooting:------

"Winter Fun and High Power at the Minneapolis Rifle Club
Winter High Power is in full swing at the Minneapolis Rifle Club (MRC). The range features 14 heated indoor shooting points and “state of the art” electronic targets,” on the 300 meter range. That means no targets to pull and + 62 degree shooting comfort. MRC’s rage is located in St. Francis, MN. For you Sun Birds, we do shoot in ten below weather all the time.
This winter’s activities include monthly club matches a NRA style high power league and organized practice days.
The monthly club high power matches are scheduled for the second Sunday of the month. Shooting usually starts at 10:00am. The match features Swiss (3 position), English (prone), F-Class and for those brave of heart all offhand. The matches are shot on the International target; the ten ring is 3.94 inches. The target is challenging, and the wind makes it easy to shoot a 9 but it is a great way to refine you positions. All interested shooters are welcome but come early since the last two matches had two relays. NRA rifles and shooting gear are welcome
The high power league is in full swing. It meets two Saturdays a month. There are 13 shooters in the league. The electronic targets have NRA 200 & 300 yard targets built in. The League shoots a modified National Match Course, 10 offhand, 10 rapid sitting, 10 rapid prone on NRA targets. The 20 shot slow fire prone round is shot on the International target. We tried the MR reduced to 300M but everyone thought it was too easy. To date no one has shot a clean on the International target! The shooters report that offhand and rapid sitting at 328 yards sure point out you bad habits in a hurry! In addition, to the National Match Course we have 4 devoted F-Class shooters that only shoot the International target. There have been a couple of cleans but they are hard to come by with the wind at MRC.
We have an organized fun practice on two Fridays a month. Nonmembers are welcome to join us. Guess have to pay the 10 cent a shot target fee just like any MRC member. For information on practice contact George Minerich at: .
Upcoming MRC matches include the Robert Sandager 60 shot Offhand Match with $1400.00 in prize money, February13,& 14, 2010 and the Minnesota State International Highpower Championships (NRA Registered), April 10 , prone and April 11 - 3 Position at shot 300 meters.
More information about the Minneapolis Rifle Club and activities can be found at: and ."
Thanks George for the news

Standing match
Feb 13 & 14 - Bob Sandager 60 shot Open - Standing Match --MRC
60 shot Open - Standing Match --MRC
This is a big buck prize offhand match to be held at the Mpls rifle club over two days --- shoot one day or both. There is both an Iron sight class and a optical sight class --- once again I remind: Heated shooting house, no pit pulling, computer operated electronic targets.

300 meter match -- Feb 14th ---Cancelled

High Power clinic -- rescheduled
As we all know bad weather forced cancellation of the High Power clinic that was to be held in January, by Bob Peasley. Capt. Bob has informed me that arrangements have been made and the Clinic is now set for Feb. 20 @ Gander Mt. in Lakeville 1000 till about 1230. Emphasis will be on team shooting.

Minn. State Smallbore State Championships
George Minerich has published the schedule and match programs for the
MN Outdoor State
Smallbore Championships this summer in Hibbing, MN -- Three Position (3P),Four Position (4P) and Prone (2 day).
I will have will have a link to these programs on the Blog site as soon as I can get them to upload --hopefully today, but right now its not working. arrrgh!

Minnesota Junior Olympic Rifle Championship Date Set

"Shooters, Clubs and Coaches:

Firm dates for the State 3-P Air Rifle JORC match in Anoka, MN is set. The match is scheduled for Sunday, March 7th. This is a departure from our normal time frame of late April. Please put this on your calendars.
The Minnesota CENTERSHOTS will again host this match, only this year it will be held at the Anoka, MN National Guard Armory. We will have 30+ firing points, and we will be using the Orion scoring system which will give us fast, accurate scoring. Not that it wasn't accurate before, mind you, but we hope it will now be fast /and/ accurate. We also hope to run an International-style final if time permits.
Details will be sent in the near future as soon as we have the match program prepared."
Cheers! "
Larry Sawyer ----- Minnesota Centershots

"Minnesota Sub-Junior Sets Two National Records !

Eric Hazelton (Long Rangers Junior Club) set two NRA National Records on July 4 and 5, 2009 at the 4 Position Regional match at the Minneapolis Rifle Club Range in St. Francis, Minnesota.
Eric now holds the National Sub-Junior Outdoor Smallbore Conventional 4 Position 160 shot 50 yard, A-23 Target, metallic sight record of 1248-18x and the National Sub-Junior Outdoor Smallbore Conventional 4 Position 160 shot 50 yard, A-23 Target, any sight record of 1248-18x .
Congratulation to Eric Hazelton on your great accomplishments!"
George Minerich MRRA Pres.

lliot Zunich from North Western Gun Club is in
Phoenix Az., this weekend, competing in the Berger Bullets SW Long Range Nationals -- along with other Minn. shooters, John Andres, and Larry Miller.
Good luck and good shooting to them!
Yours truly will be pulling targets all weekend to earn bullet money.

Pet Loads of Western long range shooters (Palma and Long range)
The above article on German Salazar's web site lists the favorite loads of the top shooters regularly competing in long range matches at Ben Avery range, Phoenix. Ben Avery is the place where many top shooters spend the winter honing their skills and shooting matches 4 days a week. German Salazar is a triple distinguished shooter

Camp Perry Housing -- Kurt Borlaug says
Boys, Our housing Czar, Larry Weidell is asking once again for a count on who will be on-base at Perry this August.
Please respond so he can make the proper arrangements/ headcount. When he makes the arrangements he is required to make the first night's deposit (about$12 per bunk, non-refundable) so keep this in mind. This job involves putting $ up front and Larry has graciously taken this on.
Check the header for his e-mail and get back to him soon. Thanks,
Kurt.....Larry, put me down for on-base please."

Team shooting --- Capt. Bob says
"Gents: I have not set a match or course of fire at North Star for memorial weekend May 29-30. The clubs have agreed that there should be no championships or regional's on holiday week ends. But we could certainly have an approved match of some kind. Therefore I am proposing the following.

Sat. May 29 an OTC team match of 80 shots each. That date is a month prior to the NRA/Service rifle championship at ERSC. Therefore I propose we call this the "TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP WARM UP MATCH". There has been mucho talk about more team shooting so here is your chance. Move your bowels or leave the throne.
I think this should be NRA approved which will cost $4.50 per shooter. I will also suggest that we make the entry fee $40.00 per team ($10.00 per member) with no awards. If you think we should have awards it will be $60.00 per team.
If I am going to do this I will require a minimum of 5 teams committed to attend 1 week prior to the date. Committed means I have your team entry of $40.00 in my hand by May 21. If it hails or snows you will get your $$$ back.
Perhaps we can arrange to do burgers & hot dogs on the grill after.
Please contact me if you like this idea. If it looks like 5 teams I'll work up a program for distribution about 4-5 weeks prior.
Note: The Club vs Club team match was the best match of the year last year -- Keep that in mind.

Rifle for Sale
if anybody is looking for a Service Rifle for XTC, member Dave Riley has a new Rock River DCM A2 unfired in the box for $1095.00. Give me a call if anyone needs this rifle.

Thanks---------Jerry Eden 602-320-7445 (phoenix)

Matches coming up :
Saturday Feb 6th -- Mpls Rifle club
-- Winter HP league
Sat & Sun -- Feb 13th & 14th -- Mpls Rifle club -- Bob Sandager Offhand Matches (Big prizes)
Saturday Feb 20th -- Highpower Clinic -- Gander Mt. Lakeville, MN
Saturday Mar 27th -- State Offhand Championship at NWGC, Duluth Elliot Zunich 218-626-3551


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