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The Week Ahead Dec 9th, 2009

The Week Ahead
This coming Sunday be at Mpls Rifle Club and shoot from a heated shooting house. The match-- 300 meters, position and prone, take your pick. Bring 60 rds + and have some fun shooting on the electric targets. F-class shooters encouraged to come.

2010 Highpower Sched
from Bob Peasley

Winter fun with Rifles and win "Big"
" Hi All
Please find attached a match bulletin for a little winter fun. Feb 13th and 14th, Minneapolis Rifle Club is holding a 60 round offhand match with $1400.00 in total prize money. Pre registration is $15.00 or $20.00 walk on registration. Please see the attached bulletin. Please spread the word. Thanks!"
George Minerich -- MRRA President
Match bulletin:

Mpls Rifle Club 300m Match -- Nov 8th
See Brian Shiffman's report on this match and pictures below:
Next match is Dec 13th--This Sunday Mpls Rifle Club 0900hrs

Long Range Shooters:

AZ Palma championships Dec. 4th -6th 2009
I had the pleasure of attending (pulling targets $$, not shooting) at the 2009 Arizona Palma State Championship matches this past weekend. This is a Long Range Match contested over 3 days at 800, 900, and 1000 yds with .308 caliber rifles, Iron sights, and little 155gn bullets, so as to really test the skill of the shooters. They were tested. Friday's start at the 800 yd line saw cold and strong gusty winds already separating out the top shooters from the also rans. At the 900 the wind calmed and the temp rose to a comfortable 60's deg day. Friday was great weather in the high 60s with light winds except at the 1000 yd line, and Sunday repeated Saturdays conditions, again with tricky winds at the 1000 to ensure that the top shooters earned their wins. They did.
See Links below for results:

From: German Salazar -- ASRPA Highpower Director
"We had a very good turnout and the weather was very good, presenting a range of conditions without becoming unmanageable. We hope to see you all back for the Berger Bullets Long Range Championship in February, the program and entry forms are at ."

AZ Palma champ results (agg)

AZ Palma champ results (Team)

Prepare for 2010 Highpower-- from
GRRC December newsletter (Dave Newell -Pub)
"GRRC will be experiencing some new and exciting changes to the High Power practice format in 2010. First of all, we will have an M1 Garand League. These will be 30 shot matches fired at 200 yards in the prone slow-fire, prone rapid-fire and standing slow-fire stages. Each shooter will take a turn in the pits and then shoot, and vice-versa. These will be fired on meeting nights beginning in June, running through September. The final match will be a CMP sanctioned event where scores will be sent to CMP for national rankings. Shooters achieving "cut" scores will receive medals of bronze, silver or gold relating to performance.

The usual Thursday practices will have an added twist. First of all, we are moving to Wednesdays. Explanation to follow. The Wednesdays will be in a league format. Each session will be either 10 shots standing at 200 yards followed by ten shots sitting rapid-fire at 200. Shooters will then go back to 300 for a prone rapid string. Pits will rotate after the first relay finishes, and those who started in pits will fire. The next session will be 600 yards slow-fire prone at 600 yards, with an infantry match stage thrown in for MN Team shooters as well as anybody who wants to try this game.

Thursdays will witness the beginning of a High Power Prone League. This will be open to F-Class shooters as well as sling shooters. This will be a mix of 300, 500, 600 and 1,000 yard events. The schedule for this league is based around the LR matches that GRRC will host.

All leagues will be open to members and non-members alike. If you have wanted to try HP in some form and never had the chance, this will be a low-impact introduction to the sport. I will need HELP! Please contact me if you are interested in competing/assisting. Start prepping brass as it will be a long season!!"
Kurt Borlaug

1st Annual GRRC Smallbore Prone League Final Results
Larry Sawyer 6354-403X League Champion (MNCenter shots Head Coach, Distinguished Smallbore position and prone shooter)
Jim Evenson 6299-326X First GRRC Member
Jonell Sawyer 6281-263X First Woman (Larry’s partner in love and crime)
Kurt Borlaug 6251-271X (GRRC, Mn Rifle Team)
Carmen Fry
6169-195X First Junior and GRRC Jr.
Joel Peabody 6164-187X (GRRC)
Scott Chester 6138-210X (GRRC JR)
Shelby Sandstrom 6128-175X (GRRC JR)
Danielle Groeshens 6113-180X (GRRC JR)
Mark Schoess 6064—134X (??) (GRRC, MN Rifle Team)
Randy Allee 6033- 160X (GRRC MN Rifle Team)
Bill Lahti 5999-143X (GRRC)
Willy Elliot 5929-123X (GRRC, Anoka Cty. 4H Coach
Tom Torborg 5928-111X (GRRC, Mn Rifle Team, NewFather)
Gordon Kordosky 5847-106X (GRRC)
Allie Taschuk 5667-82X (Mn. Centershots JR)
Gabe Starr 5585-71X (GRRC JR)
Sarah Kostick 5559-76X (Anoka County 4H Coach)
Rik Rarick 5545-65X (GRRC BPCR)
Cliff Secord 5533-47X (GRRC wearer of many hats)

The total possible points for this league was 6400-640X. Small-bore prone is fired at 50 yards, 50 meters and 100 yards. The
blackpowder range is where we fired this league and many thanks are due to GRRC members for help setting up this range, as well as the cooperation involved among other disciplines. The turnout was far better than I expected and a special thanks is due to Jim Evenson for helping to run the “Day Shift” shooters. These were a group of retired gents who fired in the mornings and
helped to take pressure off the evening shift when firing points were at a premium. All scores will be sent to the NRA and you will receive a classification card representing the classification you earned while participating in this league. Thanks to all participants and we hope to see you next year
-Kurt Borlaug

Next Match
Dec 13th 2009
-- Mpls Rifle club -- 300m prone and position

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