Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mpls Rifle Club - 300 m Match - Nov 8th

If the temperature was in the 70’s is might have been a better day than what we had on Nov. 8. Calm to begin with and a little breeze from now and then by 11AM or so. Basically, a really nice day to shoot .Lance was on his game, particularly in kneeling. Look at his score (and all the rest) at

We had a couple of new shooters at this match, Robert Smith and Steve Morehead. Steve’s a lefty, like me, but shooting a right handed hunting rifle. I’ve included pictures as attachments so you can see who the shooters are and what they were shooting.

This was Robert’s first time out and with a custom AR15. The rifle was set up with iron sights and he was intending to shoot Prone class but with the combination of rear riser and high front sight there was not sufficient adjustment up; with the riser removed there was not adjustment down! That issue will be solved with new parts. As a result, Robert shot in F-Class, and for his first time out did remarkably well. Robert is an air and free pistol shooter and so has picked up some good habits along the way.

If you look at the scores of the F-Class shooters you will see very good consistency for each as the match progressed.

Ed Facundo brought his twin sons for their first trip to watch the match. They are not identical but I still could not remember which name went with which boy. They were remarkably well behaved and quite interested for being almost 9 years old. After the match they had a chance to fire a few shots from his rifle and then some through my Anschutz air rifle. 300 meters is a stretch for a pellet but he wanted them to get a chance to get up close and personal with an air rifle. Ed has plans to get one for the boys.

The December match will be this Sunday, December 13th. As usual, shooting will start at 10AM so get there in time to set up, go through the administrative process (really easy, just pay $15) and a review of the electronic target operation. Oh, get there really early if you want to set up and go through the admin stuff before the BS sessions begin. I expect to have several new shooters at this match and there should be time to get to know each other.

I missed summer; it looks like winter decided to show up after all.

Brian D. Shiffman

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