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The Week Ahead -- June 24, 2009

The week ahead holds the promise of 3 good matches. GRRC is hosting the Bob Hall 80 OTC match and a Leg match. Prone shooters can shoot the 1600 Small Bore match at Minnesota Rifle Club on Saturday.
But First.
The place to be this past Weekend was definitely the Elk River Sportsman's Club. Saturday dawned bright and clear as Service Rifle shooters gathered to compete in the State Service Rifle Championship. The weather stayed perfect all day as the competitors shot four 20 shot matches at 3 different distances and from 3 different positions. The crew (Tim Thole and others) at ERSC really did a fine job preparing the range for the match and getting things organized. The whole place was in tip top shape and it is a pleasure to participate in matches there. Mark Rohrman the match Director held the safety briefing about 0845 and first relay was on the line ready for the 0915 start of the first match -- 20 shots standing at 200 yds. Phil Carlson bested everyone by shooting 13 of 20 in the ten ring for a 193, and Jesse Bragg was close behind with a 190. In the 2nd match, a rapid fire match, shot from the sitting position, Don Mastro was near perfect, dropping only one pt, and posting a 199--- and with 9 Xs ! That's some fine shooting! After the pit change and moving back to the 300 yd line, Jeremy Harrison squeaked a win over Mark Havilk by one x in the prone rapid fire stage --both firing 199s, but Jeremy having 7 Xs to Mark's 6 X score. The last match of the day was 20 shots prone at 600yds. That match went to Al Schneider, whose score of 195-5x topped Larry Weidel by 2 points. Each of the 4 match winners received very nice plaques provided by Elk River Sportsman's club.

The overall Winner and 2009 State Service Rifle Champion was Jeremy Harrison with a score of 773-18x and Phil Carlson was just back a few and 2nd place with 768-18x. Jeremy is an Expert class shooter who beat out a good field of Masters for this win. Yours truly got the Senior award. I believe that all rifles on the line were AR-15s, I did not see a single M-1 or m-14 this year.

Elk River has two new traveling (I believe) trophys displayed. They are two large crockery jugs with military art work, and will have individual winners name plaques applied around the outside. These are awarded to the State Champ and Senior Champ. They are a nice addition to traveling trophys awarded in other State Matches. The Elk river Guys and Gals did a great job of putting on this championship match. Thanks Cathy Hagen for helping out and providing some nice pictures.
Pictures of this match (and results) are posted Below :

Sunday was the Leg Match and Jeremy Harrison showed he was just practicing on Saturday by winning the Leg match and taking home an 8 point leg. There were 28 shooters (non-Distinguished) entered and that ment 3 legs were up for grabs. Jim Penning shot a 471 to Jeremy's 473 -- good enough for the 2nd leg and 6 points. Erick Rohde, who legged last year (8pt), took the 3rd leg and 6 pts. I believe that both Erick and Jeremy now have 14 pts and will be heading to the Camp Perry Nationals in Aug, to add to that total. Next week's Leg match at GRRC is the last Leg Match of the year in MN, so let's see as many service rifle shooters as possible show up to support this CMP sanctioned program. 50 rds -- come on out !

The Week Ahead
This weekend there are 3 good matches to choose from in two days.
1. The GRRC 80 OTC offers a match on Gopher's very nice 600 yd line, and rapid fire matches.
2. The Small bore prone match offers great prone shooting and lots of it at the high quality Mpls Rifle Club range---
Both are on Saturday.
3. Leg Match (Sun)
I'm heading for the SB 1600 Saturday as I know I can go to GRRC on Sunday and shoot the Service Rifle in the Leg match there. So I do get to shoot at GRRC's 600 yd line once this weekend, and It would be nice if I could better last weeks miserable 300 rapid score. Since I'm not competing for those pesky leg points any more, the Leg Matches are an enjoyable 50 shot chance to blaze away and maybe win a medal on a good day.
See you there? Its a good chance to get that old M-1 or M-1A out for a test run and ck your zeros.

Thursday - June 25 -- GRRC HP practice
Saturday - June 27 -- Small Bore 1600 prone at Mpls. Rifle club
Saturday - June 27 -- GRRC Bob Hall 80 OTC
Sunday - June 28 -- GRRC Leg Match -- CMP Service Rifle 50 shot
Monday - June 29 -- GRRC Sm Bore League. &
Elk River F-class league 600yds
Tuesday -- June 30 -- High power leagues at NorthStar and Elk River

Looking Ahead two weeks
Long Range shooting is the option for the weekend of July 4th. What's a better way to celebrate America's heritage than to be out pulling triggers and hitting targets at 1000 yds. Saturday is a 3 gun 1000 yd State Championship, and Sunday is the Minn state Palma Championships. This Palma match consists of a 15 shot match shot at each distance of 800 yds, 900yds, an 1000yds -- for 45 shots total.
match program --

Note: From Scott Olson
I was just reading the NRA Club magazine online when I noticed a familiar name, our very own Sue Bierly. Sue was one of four women in the U.S. this year who were awarded the "Marion P. Hammer Woman of Distinction Award" for 2009. Please take the time to read this magazine I've attatched. There are some ads (it is the NRA after all), but there is much information relevant to MRRA issues included. Sue's article is on page #8. Sue is too modest to promote herself, but this is a huge award. Sue, your tireless efforts for the NRA and the MRRA are appreciated very much. You have set a high standard for the rest of us to attempt to attain. Thanks for all your hard work.
Regards, Scott Olson

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