Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Week Ahead -- June 10, 2009

The Weedend ahead features prone matches. Something for all prone shooters to participate in -- Small Bore, NRA Mid Range, and International 300 meter matches. Take your pick.
But First -- Rain, Rain--That's what we got on Saturday after a trip to Red Wing's Northstar Range for the Regional OTC matches. At least the shooters got in some socializing before the Match was called by Capt. Bob after waiting out a steady drizzle for a while. I believe that this match will be rescheduled for the Middle of Aug.
The weather improved considerably for Sunday's Leg Match, but a light turnout meant that only one leg would be awarded, and the competition was fierce to be top service rifle shooter. Mark Havlik won the 6 point Leg and the Silver medal with a 472. These were Mark's first earned leg points, and now I'm sure that he will be working hard for the next few years to get that Distinguished Badge. Don Mastro was 2nd non-distinguished shooter and got the Bronze but, unfortunately, no pts.. Kurt Borlaug, (previously distinguished so no pts) shot the high over all score of 479 and took home the gold medal.
Remember---the next leg match is coming up soon --June 21st. If you are a service rifle shooter and don't get out too much, the next leg match is the one you should plan on attending. Supporting the CMP program is important and the Qty of shooters in each leg match determines the total points awarded. These matches are inexpensive, short - only 50 rds (10 standing, 10 sitting rapid, 10 prone rapid, 20 prone slow fire), and a good chance to learn from the best service rifle shooters. So Plan on attending the next Leg match --June 21st.

Small Bore -- No news from the 4P matches at Hibbing. I would like to find out more about each of the Jr. Small bore teams.

Palma -- Looks like Stacey Tamulinas may have won a place on the US National Palma team, during this past weeks Palma Team tryouts at Lodi Wisc. Approximately 35 top long range shooters from around the US shot matches Thursday, Friday, and Saturday under the watchful eye of the Palma committee and Captain. Each shooter was evaluated on how well they could hold elevation on the 1000 yd target. After each 40 shot match, the shooters targets were removed to plotting where every shot was measured up or down from the water line. Besides getting statistical info such as "std deviation" of shots, each shot that was higher or lower than the X-ring were scored points off. So shooting a 10 at 12 o'clock is a point off, and a nine high would be 2 pts off, etc. Shooters were not penalized for wide shots due to wind, as wind coaches were calling all wind changes for all shooters. The prospective Wind Coaches were also trying out for their positions on the Team. Preliminary results-- based on vertical pts lost, may have Stacey in 3rd place and probably membership on the national Palma team. Team members chosen are required to compete with the team in selected international matches during the next two summers before the next International Palma matches. Stacey has competed internationaly as a member of a Bronze and Silver medal winning team in the Swiss National matches.

Note: Elk River KD range closed until further notice --- reason unknown -- What's with this ???? Latest news (Fri) on closing:
See above

The Week Ahead
This coming Sat. I'll be heading down to Northstar again for the Prone Mid-Range St Champ. Matches. Prone shooting at 300 and 600 yds makes for a great day at the range. Saturday will be Iron sights, as usual, and Sunday will be Any sights. Each day starts with 2 matches of 20 shots at 300yds and then 2 matches at 600yds--all prone slowfire. There will be awards for F-class shooters. I'll be working up a newly re-barreled 6BR that sighting in yesterday showed that it needed a much higher front sight base---Hope it comes in the mail by Sat.
If you like shooting on Electronic targets or just want to try it --- Try the high Tech 300 m matches at the MPLS Rifle Club. It's usually 60 shots prone on the 300m international target with computer monitor at each firing pos.

Monday June 9 -- GRRC Sm bore prone league & Elk river league ( maybe postponed )-- ck
Tuesday June 10 -- Northstar HP league
Thursday June 12 -- GRRC HP practice
Saturday June 13 -- Mid Range Prone St. Championships at Northstar -- Program:
Saturday June 13 -- Pistol 50m Free pistol at MRC
Saturday June 13 -- 50 yd small bore at Elk River
Sunday June 14 -- Mid Range Prone St. Championships at Northstar
Sunday June 14 -- 300 m prone at Mpls Rifle Club.
Monday June 15 -- GRRC Small bore league

Two Weeks out --June 20 and 21st the Service Rifle State championship at Elk River--- Including a Leg Match (2nd Chance!)


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