Tuesday, January 26, 2016

From: George Minerich

Hi shooters:
There has been a lot of activity lining up the Smallbore schedule on mrra.org.  There are couple of important events to take notice of.  First, the Prone Metric National Championship is going to be held in Phoenix AZ on March 13 to 15, 2016.  Following (the same week) is the Western Wildcats Prone Regional Championship 6400, March 17- 20, 2016. That's a solid week of shooting with some of the best rifle shooters in the country.  It would make a dandy Spring Break Trip to escape the Midwest cold!  This is an Olympic year so the competition will be fierce

The MN Rifle and Revolver Assoc. (MRRA) has spent a bunch of time tracking down indoor smallbore matches in the area.  There are a number being held in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.  A few highlights are: Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin indoor Championships, Wisconsin and North Dakota Sectional Championships and a 50 yd indoor Regional Championship.  See mra.org for dates and programs

Finally, we have the Minnesota Outdoor Match schedule posted with most of the match programs.  I am also in contact with several folks in North Dakota and Wisconsin and have requested information on their upcoming smallbore matches.  We will get them posted on mrra.org as they come in. 

MRRA hopes to keep Smallbore shooters in the know about tournaments throughout the year.  If you hear of any tournaments in the area please let me know. It is important that you send in tournament contact information so that the match programs can be acquired and posted.  Remember, check mrra.org for tournaments to shoot in!
George Minerich
MRRA president

Click here for Metric Nationals program and info
Click here for Western WildCats program and info


Derrell said...

Shooting damn far. Nice target practice. Good play.

James said...

This is really a good news for the shooter. Thanks for the informative article.