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Shooters News for the Minn Area - April 15, 2015

The competition shooting season has Begun!

 Next weekend    
 Yes, fellow shooters, Winter is officially over and the competition shooting season has begun in the Minnesota area. So, open that gun safe and dust off those lonely neglected match rifles.
There are matches coming up this weekend for both the OTC (Over the Course) shooter and for those prone shooting specialists. 
The prone shooter has a 2 choices on Saturday, April 25. There is an 80 shot Mid Range Highpower match being held at the Eau Claire Rifle Club. Shooters will fire two 20 shot matches with "Iron" sights, and two matches with "Any" sights. F-class shooters will fire all 4 matches with "Any" sights.  All shooting will be done from the 600 yd line.   Click here for match program
Those prone shooters wishing to stay closer to home in the Mpls area Sat, can find some very challenging competition (both Sat and Sun) at the Mpls Rifle Club, where adventurous competitors can test their skill at long range Small Bore shooting.  Yes I said "Long Range Sm bore" as in trying to hit the 10 ring from 200 yds with a .22 rim fire match rifle. This is not easy, my friends, as the 10 ring is slightly smaller than on the highpower 200 yd SR-1 target.  It takes good prone shooting skills and good wind reading to make this shot. These matches are very popular out East and George Minerich is getting this type of match started in the Midwest.
    Click here for the Sm Bore 'long range' match program

From George Minerich   
Hi All:
Its spring and time to get your smallbore rifle out of the gun
locker. This weekend the Minneapolis Rifle Club is hosting a 200 yard 22 rim
fire match.  You are welcome to join the fun.  You can shoot both days or
just one day.  Seniors can use your scope for all the matches.  To make it
even more fun, we will be having a picnic Saturday after the match.  The match
program is attached.
Regards, George

High Power 'Over the Course" shooters will want to head to the Eau Claire Rifle Club on Sunday, Apr 26 for an 80 shot OTC match to be shot from 200 yds to 600 yds. Remember if you are there for the Sat Mid range match, you can camp out there in the Camp Ground. Click here for match program
Contact Match director James Melville at for advance entry            


Eau Claire Rifle Club 600 yd line 

Two Weeks Out 
May 2,3 -- Mid Range State Champ match at NorthStar Rifle Club (Red Wing, MN)                    Click here for match program 
That's all Folks


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