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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 9, 2014

Extra!  See below for Picts and Video from EIC Leg Match 

Next Weekend       
Over the Course shooters will be on the firing line at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club this coming Saturday, Sept,13th.  The Guys at GRRC have been working hard to get the range ready for one of the last OTC matches of the year.  The weather forecast now is for clear skies and sunshine, so dig out that match rifle or service rifle and and head to GRRC. If you miss this OTC match, your only other chance this season will be Sept 28 at Eau Claire.               Click here for Match Bulletin

Note: The 1000pt OTC match scheduled for Sept. 13th at MRC is Cancelled
Note:  The Offhand St. Champ match scheduled for Sept. 14th at MRC is rescheduled to Oct. 11th.

Long Range 
Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club will be the scene for a long Range "Full Bore" match this Sunday, Sept 14.    This is a prone match for both Sling and F-class shooters. This match has a few special rules so read the Program.  Shooters will go to the line first at 300 yds for the first 15 shot match, and then the 3 following matches will be fired at the 600, 900, and 1000yd lines -- 15 shots for record plus sighters.
  This is a great match for shooters to get any newer rifles sighted in for Long Range, since you start at the 300 yd line and work back to 1000yds. This is also a great match for the newer shooter that would like to try some long range shooting because of the short range warm up matches.  Give it a try!
              Click here for Match bulletin

300 Meter International  
Mpls Rifle Club will host it's September 300 meter match on Sept 14th
     "Because of increased interest, all matches will be squadded in advance via email.
To reserve a space in the next match email Brian Shifftman at: "

Last Weekend  
From: Erik Rhode    
2014 MN Mid-Range Prone State Championship
Northwestern Gun Club
Duluth, MN
The annual State Championship match for Mid Range prone specialists was held last weekend on the scenic shores of Hunter Lake near Duluth, MN.  The Range was in beautiful shape, the weather was picture perfect, and the competition was top-notch.

The schedule of events promised an 80-shot, 4-man team championship match on Saturday, all fired from NWGC’s 500-yard line.  Being a late-season match, it was somewhat hard to get teams together, but 5 managed to show up to battle it out for the title.  Due to logistical difficulties, only host the host club managed to put together an official club team, and I believe they actually fielded 2 full squads.  My Northstar Rifle Club could only manage to find 3 shooters, so I ended up shooting with 3 other scrubs on an out-of-competition team.   Likewise, MRC was a man short, so they added the always solid utility-man Leo Huhta from ERSC to fill out their roster.

Conditions were just about perfect, with sunny skies, low humidity and a slight breeze keeping the flags twitching.  I didn’t pay too close attention to the details of the winds on Saturday, (hey, it was a team match, that’s the coach’s problem!) but I don’t think I ever saw more than ¾ dialed on my windage knob.  As the day shook out, the final results looked something like this: 

2014 MRP Team State Champions 
Northwestern Gun Club Gold, team score of 3118-95x 
Firing members: -  
 "Diamond” Dave Salo  
 “Magic” Mike Theis 
 Elliot “The Serbian Sensation” Zunich   
 Eric “Heartbreaker” Hartley 
1st place team  
The Dawgs, team score of 3151-138x 
Firing members:  
Mark “Rottweiler” Rohmann   
 Phil “ The Klandyman” Klanderud  
 Eric “Purple Haze” Hazelton  
 Leo “Hound Dog” Huhta

Match Winner

US National Rifle Team Blue, team score of 3187-188x 

John “Lumpy” Lumberg
Firing members:
-          Stacy “The Surgeon” Tamulinas
-          “Sexy” Steve Knutson
-          Brian “Short Pants” Mrnak
-          “Reasonably Competent” Erik Rhode

Next, it was on to Sunday’s matches.  Conditions were almost identical to the day before as shooters started showing up for their squadding assignments at the 200-yard shack.  26 shooters were on hand for another 80 shots from the 500-yard line.  Conditions were excellent all day, with sunny skies and a light fishtailing tailwind that was pretty easy to keep up with.  In the combined Sharpshooter/Expert/Master Class, Big Bob Woods and Bruce “Raw Deal” Rawlings each took a class win in matches 3 and 4, but it was notorious sandbagger Lil’ Dickie VanValkenburg who cleaned up again.  With class wins in matches 1 and 2, and the top daily agg in the combined group, I think Dickie has finally worn out his welcome in the Expert Class.  His 789 last weekend at Eau Claire, and his 783-28x on Sunday should land him squarely in the Master class where he belongs.  Wait by your mailbox Dick, the NRA will be along shortly with a new card.

As is often the case in prone matches, competition was fierce at the top with 14 High Masters present out of the 26 total shooters.  Quite a few 200’s were turned in along with some high X-count 198’s and 199’s.  Last year’s state champ, “Sexy” Steve Knutson and Mighty Morgen Dietrich (isn’t this guy still a junior?!?) both shot clean the first 2 matches, and were tied at 400-21x going into match #3.  Morgen displayed nerves of steel in match #3 and posted a 200-13x to stay perfect for the day and pull away from Newt.  Stacy “The Surgeon” Tamulinas reminded us that he was still around by posting the top score of the day with his 200-16x in match 3.  With this impressive score he cruised right past Steve and slid into 2nd place, only a single point away from Morgen.   The State Championship would come down to match #4, and the title was Morgen’s to lose.  If he stayed clean, no one could catch him.  If he dropped even a single point, he would be within striking distance of the Surgeon and his monstrous X-count.  Morgen stacked up 15 X’s and 4 10’s in his first 19 shots in match 4, but on the last shot of the day he finally let one get away.   A 799 is a great score no matter who you are, but would it be enough today with Stacy hot on his heels?    As it turned out, Stacy also lost one in match #4, and Morgen’s 799-49x squeaked past Stacy’s 798-51x.  Looks like the MRP trophy and matching plaque will spend the next year in Olivia, MN next to the MN State Long Range trophy.  Congrats to Morgen on the win and another great season. 

I think it’s safe to say everyone involved had a good time, and it’s perfect weekends like this that really make it hard to face the end of another shooting season.  These are the kind of matches that I will be thinking about all winter, as I stare out the window at the growing snow drifts for hours at a time, with tears welling up in my eyes.  Thanks to Jim Fernandez and the rest of the gang at NWGC for being great hosts as usual, and for running an excellent match. 

Hope to see everyone again at one of the few remaining matches left on the calendar.  Get out and shoot while you can, because pretty soon you’ll be wishing you even had the option!
Best regards,
Erik Rhode

Thanks Erik for that report.  Sounds like you all had a good match 

Leg Match at GRRC
Another Great Match!!
Twenty six service rifle shooters came together at GRRC Saturday Sept 6, to compete for "Leg Points" ---  If you ever earn enough leg points in your shooting career, you will earn the title of Distinguished Rifleman from the CMP.  Eight Leg points were on the line for the winner, and 6 pts would be awarded to 2nd place  -- Third place would be 1st "loser"(known as 1st leather).  It's all or nothing in a Leg Match and there are no sighter shots.  There are no 'sighters' in combat, and there are no sighters at a Leg Match. -- Good luck!
The weather was PERFECT-- high 60s and there was very little wind to plague the shooters in the offhand position or at the 600 yd line

   ***Click Here for Slide Show and Video of this Leg Match 

                   And the Winners were:
                                                                          photo by Mark Havlik
Congratulations to Dave Holtegaard for winning his 8 pt leg.  Dave is rising fast to the top of competitive service rifle shooting in this area. Congrats also to Matt Cwach who is following in his fathers footsteps and now is only a few pts away from "going out" and ready to earn his Distinguished badge in the near future. Larry Weidell earns another silver medal -- how many of those have you got now, Larry?   Dean Gillette's "1st Leather" near miss is his third 1st leather in a row -- Dean you are really earning your way here.  Your luck will change soon.

Two Weeks Out
Sept 20, 21 - Two day Mid Range prone and Fclass at Northstar - Click here for match Bulletin
Sept 21      - Sm Bore Outdoor Prone 1600 at Elk River -  No match bulletin available

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