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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Feb 1, 2013   

The Weeks Ahead 
   Match Director, George Minerich, will be hosting the 5th match of the winter Highpower series tomorrow, Feb 2, at the Mpls Rifle Club in NW Anoka cty.   This OTC style match will be shot from the heated  300 m shooting house at MRC on appropriate reduced targets. These are electronic targets, so there is no pit pulling required. 
     Click here for more info

 Air Gun
The "Olympic Air Rifle League" continues with shooting each Wed night at Bills Gun Shop in Robbinsdale.  Shootingf starts at 4pm, with 2nd relay begining at 5:30pm,  "Registration: Range lanes are limited so advanced registration is strongly advised.  For registration, contact Michael J. Marzitelli via phone, 651-489-9164, or via email.""  Click here for match program
   The "Olympic Air Pistol league" also continues with matches on Tuesday, -- again at Bill's Gun shop.
             Click Here for match program

Small Bore competition
Small Bore competitors can also head to Mpls, Rifle Club a week from Saturday - Feb 9th. Steve Knutson will be running the 3rd installment of the MRC Winter Small Bore Prone league. While it is a prone league,  3P shooters are welcome and encouraged to come.  All targets to be shot at 50 yds.  These are fun matches. Shooters will fire 6 targets of 20 shots for record for a 1200 pt agg., and may use Iron sights or Any sights. 
     click here for match program

Haven Williams has left the Range
With great sadness, I must report that veteran small bore competitor and Western Wildcats Match Dir, Haven Williams has passed away this past December.  I suspect that any national SB competitor probably knew Haven as a great guy and a relentless promoter of Small bore shooting

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From Rick Curtis

 "In his day, Haven Williams was considered to be one of the best position shooters in all of American smallbore. It’s been said that his prowess was so great that some shooters would pack up their gear and leave if he showed up at a match. In later years Haven began shooting high power prone matches throughout the US and Canada and continued to be a substantial force to be reckoned with.  Moving into F-Class competition in recent years Havens competitive fire still burned brightly as evidenced by his remarkable shooting, in winning the Arizona State 600 Yard Championship, just six weeks ago. Sadly this would turn out to be Havens last match and though he will be sorely missed by all who knew him; his memory will live on in the minds of those who shared his passion. "  

We are Diminished

March Madness  
  If you thought that last years "March Madness" small bore competition in Phoenix was crazy, with 5 straight weeks of Smallbore prone 1600 matches, this year it even more crazy.  This year there will be 6 straight weeks of Prone 1600 matches leading up to the best prone matches of the year -- The Western Wildcats Matches. 
    March Madness Schedule:
Sat – 2/16  SB 1600 Irons   “The Black Widow 3200”  SmallBore Metric/Prone  @Ben Avery,
Sun– 2/17  SB 1600 Any’s      Click Here for Program

Sat – 2/23 SB 1600 Irons     The Annual  “Road Runner 3200”. @ PRGC 
Sun –2/24 SB 1600 Any’s          SmallBore Conventional/ Prone

Sat – 3/02  SB 1600 Irons     The Junior/Mentor  “3200 Bobcat”  
                                                SmallBore Conventional/ Prone @ PRGC.
Sun –3/03 SB 1600 Any’s       Please Note:  Senior Olympics SmallBore Match will be after
                          the Bobcat on March 2, 2013.

Sat – 3/09 SB 1600 Irons    Desert Sharpshooters -"The DiamondBack 3200"                                     Conventional/Prone Match.  @ BEN AVERY
Sun – 3/10 SB 1600 Any’s      Note: There will Be a Practice Match March 08, 2013.

**"Western Wild Cat 6400"** Conventional SmallBore Prone Match @ BenAvery
Wed – 3/13  Team Match - Irons and Any’s.   
Thur.  3/14  1600 Irons                             
Friday - 3/15  1600 Any’s     Click Here for WildCats match program
Sat  -  3/16  1600 Irons
Sun -  3/17  1600 Any’s        remember- Junior entry pkg includes ammo!

Sat  - 3/23   Irons 1600     ASRPA Presents The "SmallBore Madness Finale":
Sun - 3/24   Any’s 1600    3200 Conventional SmallBore State Champ SB @ PRGC.

    Click Here for all "March Madness" match programs
Mick W Walker Cell 602-722-7209     

That's all folks !

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