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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 21, 2012

The Week Ahead
   Mpls. Rifle Club will be hosting 2 days of Highpower competition this coming weekend.  The fun and games will start with State Offhand Championship on Saturday, Aug 25. Competitors will shoot 5 matches of 20 shots for record, all from MRC's covered 200 yd line. While some shooters might think that 100 shots off-hand might be difficult or stressful competition, I found that after the 1st 20 shot match, the pressure was off, and my scores actually got better as the day went on.   Click Here for match program  
  On Sunday, Aug 26,  the competition is all about fun.  Its a Couples Match. Bring the spouse or significant other, and introduce them to Highpower shooting.  "This is a 2 person team fun match. Coaching is encouraged. No scores will be submitted."  The new shooter on each team will not be required to shoot an offhand match, so the course of fire will be beginner friendly, and there will even be a lunch break with food and beverage supplied by MRC.
                 Click Here for match program

Out of Town matches this coming weekend include the Iowa 300 yd State HP Championship at the River City Rifle and Pistol Club near Clear Lake, Iowa.  Saturday's match is a 50 shot 2 man team match, and then on Sunday, shooters will fire an 80 shot OTC match for the the Championship.   Click Here for Match bulletin and map. 

LaCrosse Rifle Club (just south of La Crosse, Wisc), will be hosting their annual "Brat and Corn Invitational", which includes the Wisc. State Mid Range Championship.  This match will be shot from the 600 yd line.
Click Here for Match Bulliten and entry info

Last Weekend  
Since I have been in Alaska and BC for the last 3 weeks there is a lot to catch up on.  
300 m International  
This in from Brian Shiffman: 
"What can I say?  With the exception of a dew point just a bit north of really comfortable, it was a perfect day to shoot.  The wind was non-existent, or at least a non factor.  Many people shot above their season average with a few quite a bit above.
  Paul Tralle had an equipment failure on his first shot; his super slick bipod ripped out of the rifle stock and he had to use range sandbags; needless to say, that reduced his average score up to this point in the year.  Drilling and tapping into a synthetic stock was just not sufficient to hold the bipod.  New attachment method to come.
  Randy Schultz came armed with laser bullets and won the match with a 598.  This was well above his average to date.  Well done, Randy.
  Gary LaValley and Jeff Lee are shooting buddies and have a business relationship; they both shot identical scores of 591 to tie for third place.  They both had shot the Wyoming State Match and Gary won with Jeff coming in second in the 1,000 yard match.  They were using .308’s there as well as our match. Dave Ronning shot his AR15 ( with sling and iron sights in 3 position.  The humidity got to him while wearing his shooting coat.
   Garold Jones shot Prone class with sling and an M15 platform rifle, iron sights.  He won prone class. 
The full results can be found at http://www.edfpages.com/mgfc/results.php?match=8
   While looking at any month’s result page, if you click on a shooter’s name the system will return a new window with that shooter’s average score of all this year’s matches that were shot in the class that was shown in the result page.  For example, Garold Jones shot in Prone class this match; if you click his name you will get his average for all his matches this year that he shot in Prone class.  In this case, August with is first so the average is just this one match.  If you look at the July results and click on his name you will see that he shot in F class in July and his average is over four total matches this year that he shot in F class.The September match will be held on Sunday, September 9th.  More information coming later. "
Brian D. Shiffman  shiff004@umn.edu

Regional and Leg match  
From Mark Havlik: 
Jim,  We only had 16 people show up for Saturday's Regional 
at NSRC, which is a shame  as the weather was beautiful.
Eric Rhode took first place with a 782-18.
Sunday's Leg Match had 11 shooters with 8 undistinguished.
Another beautiful day for shooting, Kurt Borlaug taking the 
Gold Medal with a 479-10, followed closely by Mark Richardson 
from Fort Wayne IN with a 478-12 for the Silver. Yours truly 
took the bronze medal and the only Leg with a 469-15x......." 
 Mark Havlik
Minn. Service Rifle Team at Camp Perry Nationals. 
Infantry Trophy Team

Minn. NRA Teams at Camp Perry
Minn. contingent                             
Minn. Contingent
Rumbold Cup Team
From George Minerich (MRRA Pres.)  
Minneapolis Rifle Club Metric 3 Position X 40 Match (8/8/12)
The Minneapolis Rifle Club hosted a three position 1200 point smallbore match
on August 18, 2012. The match was shot on the International Smallbore Target a 50 meters.
Seven brave souls came out and shot the match. The wind was a little tricky but 
the temperatures made it a great day for shooting.
Name                    Prone    Offhand   Kneeling    Total
Elizabeth Ewert       358-3 341-2 346-5 1045-10X Junior
Sam Ewert               374-6 331-2 341-3 1046-11X Junior
Alex Giesar              357-7 336-2 353-4 1046-13X Adult
Nick Learn               377-9 341-5 360-6 1078-20X Junior
Sami Learn              364-10 303-2 331-1 998-13X Junior
Thomas Miller          356-4 239-0 294-0 889-4X Senior
William Roos ***      210-0 224-

Mpls. Rifle Club Prone 1600 - Aug 19
Seventeen prone shooters enjoyed a beautiful day at the range this Sunday. Tom and Elmer Miller 
came all the way from Sioux Falls So. Dakota to join us. This week, it was the junior shooters who 
showed us all how to hit the 10 and X ring. Emily Quinar fired an awsome 1593-104x to take the match win.
 2nd place also went to a junior shooter, Sam Ewert, whose score of 1583-93x shows his 
continual improvement in this sport. Look for Sam to be on the top of the leader board often in the future
Resuts- SB 1600
MRC SmallBore - Aug 19, 2012

1.  From Kurt Borlaug:
Subject: Labor Day matches cancelled
Tentative events on Sept 1st and 2nd for GRRC have been cancelled. There will be no LR event or OTC events that weekend.  Sorry for the inconvenience, Kurt Borlaug.

2. From Capt. Bob:
Fellow HP shooters:
First let me clear up a possible misconception regarding who ...(match info) is addressed to.  For NRA purposes HIGH POWER refers to NRA Over the Course. There is no F class OTC.  MRP refers to Mid Range Prone and LR is Long Range.   Within MRP & LR we have guys who shoot with a sling & we have F CLASS who shoot with a rest thingy.  All shoot the SAME course of fire.  When I refer to MRP & LR I intend for you to understand that includes F CLASS shooters.  For my purposes HIGH POWER refers to ANY NRA centerfire rifle competition including ALL THE ABOVE.  So, DO NOT be offended when I say "GREETINGS HP SHOOTERS".
3. From Capt. Bob
Guys & Gals
I stopped by the home in Rochester to see Dean Odegaard Wed. afternoon on the way home from Perry.  He has been getting some Medicare help with therapy & has gained quite a bit of movement in his right leg.  Nothing in the left yet but the doc holds out hope.  He was in pretty good spirits and still wants those last 4 points.  He would still like to hear from his shooting buds at 651-269-7069 on his cell.  Often he does not answer but if not leave him a brief message. 

4.  Last week at the Olympic Biathlon Shooting Center in Whistler, BC, Canada
     I was able to out score all the other tourists is a short match.


Two Weeks Out
Sept 1 & 2 - Small Bore 3P Regional at MRC - Program Click Here
 Sept 1 --      Mid range at  Eau Claire - Click here for Match program
 Sept 2 --      OTC at Eau Claire - Click here for Match program
 Sept 3 --      Garand and M1A match at Eau Claire -  Program Click here  

That's All Folks

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