Thursday, March 15, 2012

Western WildCat Matches -- Day 1

Almost a full line at the WildCats !
The conditions were almost perfect for Day 1 of the WildCats. It was the chance you dream of for an Iron Sight 1600.-- bright sun, 77deg,, no humidity, 4 mph breeze from 5 o'clock. There would be no excuses today.
  The Army and Air Force shooting teams were here as well as other top shooters from all over.  Nancy Tompkins, Rea and Tarl Kempley were on the line and the Service teams would have plenty of competition.
   My recent success last week with a 1587 irons score did not get backed up today.  I dribbled away points here and there and was happy just not be last Expert.  Ken Nelson, our Canadian winter visitor, shot a solid 1592 and now leads us Experts.
   Justin Tracy fired a clean 1600 to squeak by 7 other High Masters who dropped only 1 pt for 1599 scores.
  Tomorrow is the first Any Sight match, where I usually do pretty well.  I better shoot a good score because a storm is coming by Sunday and I may not have a chance to move up in the class and have a crack at the prize table. 

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