Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dec. 300 m Match Results --

It was another great turnout for Mpls. Rifle Club's monthly 300m match.  
 From Brian Shiffman:

This was the last match for 2011 and we sent it off with a great turnout and some close competition.  There were 23 shooters in two relays.
  Again, we were blessed with fair weather, no snow to obscure the targets, and winds from any and all directions at any given time.  The wind, although not really stiff, was tricky, and it took some strategy to take it into account; or, you had to be lucky.  It was a good day to get experience in dealing with variable winds.
   There were two 3-Position shooters with Mark Havlik using is AR15 with battle sights beating Erik Hazelton using a really nice wood stocked .223.  Erik is a junior. 
   Of the 5 Prone shooters, Bill Lair bested the rest with a 571.
   The remaining 16 shooters were in F-Class and mere points separated most of the shooters.  Robert Smith came armed with his new secret weapon; a front rest made of kryptonite with eyes of its own; he took the class with a score of 589.  A scant one point back, in second, was David Leis with 588.  Then a tie for third between Karl Kupl and Johan Boden with 584 each.  From then on down, the next 8 shooters were only 1 or two points behind the ones above.
   The next match is scheduled for January 8, 2012.  It is as early in the month as it can be (second Sunday).  We will go through the pre-registration procedure for this match.  I am NOW taking pre-registration for 1st or 2nd relay.  I will also send out an email with your assigned relay and you will need to send me a confirming reply.
  Here is wishing all a very merry and happy holiday season.  See you at the range next year.
Brian D. Shiffman  

That 300 m target is a hard target.  Not a lot of 200s are shot on that target with Iron sights.  That target forces you to hold hard and use your best trigger control.  It has a 10 ring about 4 inches in dia. and is shot at 30 yds farther out than than the 300 yd Highpower target, which has a 6 in Ten ring (MR63).  Shooting Sm Bore on the 100 yd metric Sm Bore target is similar, as that target is really a "reduced" 300m target.  

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