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Shooters News for the MN area - Aug 9, 2011

The Week Ahead
Even with many of the competitive Highpower shooters off to Camp Perry for the Nationals, this next weekend still offers two rifle matches for the shooting aficionado to work on their trigger pull, and NPA.  Both matches are prone matches at Mid Range distances, so it's easy shooting, and comfortable weather is forecast to make for a pleasant day at either match.

  Sunday, Aug 14th there will be a 300 meter International (it's still mid range prone shooting) match at Mpls Rifle Club.  This match had been listed incorrectly on the MRRA schedule for Aug 7,  however the proper date for the match is this next Sunday, Aug 14, and will be shot then. 
    Note:  The 300m shooters might have to get freindly with the Swiss club who also have Aug 14 scheduled for their match at mrc
    From Brian Shiffman:  (On the confusion of match dates.)
    300 Meter club matches are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month throughout the year.  On occasion the April match is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday, but that is know and posted at the beginning of each year.  The August match will be NEXT Sunday, the 14th since that is the second Sunday of the month.  The MRRA calendar has the date of August 7th but that is in error.  I never caught that problem until this evening.  If you look on the MGFC-MRC web site under Events you will see that the match is shown on August 14thhttp://www.mgfc.org/calendar.aspx

I am sure that there will be a lot of confusion but I hope this email will get to people in time to prevent unnecessary traveling, etc.
   That said, the August match will be on the 14th and the usual rules and fees apply.  We start at 10 am.  Come early to set up.
    Results of the July match are posted at http://www.edfpages.com/mgfc/results.php?match=7.  F-Class was hotly contested by Johan Boden (a film star) and Tom Loberg.  While I shot F-Class and used a rest, I again tried to use iron sights.  I’m encouraged enough to try Prone at the upcoming match.
    Russ Saikel was the lone Prone competitor and has bullet seating issues that probably kept him from posting a better score.
Brian"          Click Here for MRC Map
 This match offers a local competition for Shooters on the NW side of the cities, and will be shot on those really neat Electronic targets.

Sunday Aug 14th there will also be a great prone Mid Range match just SE of the cities at NorthStar Rifle Club's great facility this side of Red Wing on Hwy 61. Click Here for map  This match will be shot at 300, 500 and 600 yds.

  From Capt. Bob:
"I just received confirmation that Jerry Johnson will run a 9AM (stat orifice closes at 0830) $5.00 practice MRP at 3, 5 & 600 on Sun. Aug. 14 at North Star.  Depending on turn out it might be a 2 relay, score in the pit, no award, gone by noon 30 event."

Last Weekend 


Poor man's Camp Perry matches at Northwestern Gun Club -- no news or results passed on to me, sorry.

 The Sm Bore Metric Prone Regional at Mpls Rifle Club was contested with 160 shots for record on both Sat,

Emily Quinar- Gold medal
and Sunday last weekend.  12 Competitors from both the USA and Canada fought both heat and humidity on Saturday during most of the 4 stages of 20 shots each on two targets.
      Saturday was Iron sight day, and fogged up glasses was one of the problems I faced on every shot for the first half of the match.  These UIT targets we were shooting, left no room for error.  The 10 ring is only about 1 min of angle and to hit that 3/8" 10 ring at 50 meters , or the 1 in. 10 ring at 100yds requires all the skill I didn't have this day.  In the last Metric match I had shot, this past April in Phoenix, I had been practicing a lot during the Sm Bore "March Madness" of a 3200 or a 6400 every weekend for a month.  My scores reflected that amt of shooting with averages scores of 191-193.  Not today, though.  I was shooting 186-187 (or worse) and falling way too far behind to worry about being competitive for a place on the podium. 
   Not everybody was having problems though. Lots good scores were shot by the younger, fitter and more practiced shooters. Age and treachery were not going to win today. Youth and Skill would define the eventual winners.
  Bruce Blahut ran a great match.  We all should not forget all the work it takes to put on these championship tournaments. Bruce does all this work for the benifit of the Kids -- the Junior shooters.  While this was the Regional Champ match, it was in reality, put on for the kids-- the juniors -- to shoot in tough higher level competition.  If it wasn't for Bruce's effort to provide this competition fo r the kids, adults like myself would not have a match to shoot in.  That effort (and that of others) has been going on for a long time, while a lot of junior shooters have benifited along the way-----so do the adults who have these matches to shoot in.    I appreciate that.

Jason Jarvis fires at 100yd targets
    Saturday -- the Iron Sight match.  In the first 50 m match Emily Quinar (387-18) jumped off to a 2 pt advantage over long range specialist, Stacey Tamulinas, while Canadian Jason Jarvas, and Steve Knutson,fired 381s were tied for 3rd..  The Dewar match shot at 50m and 100 m, continued to separate the would be winners from the rest of the pack.  Emily and Stacey both posted scores in the 380s. to retain the lead, but it was Greg Quinar, that won the match, by shooting an excellent 386-13. Greg comes out of the MK class for this win.  The 100 m match was plagued by winds that didn't know weather to blow out of the NW or the SE -- or when to switch.  Emily Q, did the best of watching the shifts and put herself 2 pts up on the field with "good for the conditions" 385-13x. Sub Junior, Eric Hazleton shot a very constant 379-11 on his way to 4th place for the day.   In the last match, targets were shot at 50m again. Stacey T. clawed back 2 points of the lead that Emily had at this point and won the 2nd 50m Match with the high score of 388-17x. Greg Quinar kept the family in the running with his 386-13x score. So at the end of the day it was Stacey with a 1538 and Emily with a 1539.  One point makes all the difference and Emily Quinar wins the Metric Iron sight championship! 
    Sunday --  The Any Sight (scopes or Irons) Match
 Sunday started out just a little humid, but a much lower temperature greeted the shooters and it looked to be a great day on the range.  Again the wind was switchy, running 4-5mph from any direction and from all directions at the same time sometimes. Emily Quinar started out the day in the first 50m match by hammering the competition with a 393-23x, and the only one to stay close was Stacy with a 392.  The rest of us sat in the middle 380s and were happy to get that score. In the metric Dewar, it was Greg Quinar who scored his 2nd match win of the weekend, by shooting first an amazing 198-15x on the 50m target, and finishing with a 391-26x after the 100 m target.   Stacey was 2nd. He got the same 391 points but was 5 Xs short of Greg's great score.  The 100m match is 20 shots each on two 100m targets.  These targets are reduced 300m targets and it's darned tough to hit that 1 in ten ring.  With 3 pts in hand, Stacey T. went into this match as the days leader.  There were still  2 matches and 4 targets to go, but as Stacey later said to me, that he was getting a little tired and holding those cross hairs in the 10 ring was getting a little unsteady.    Stacey fires his worst score of the weekend and drops out of the lead. A few others, such as Chad Danielson are not so far behind with 381s.  The last 50 m match sealed the deal, as Emily walks away with the day's Any Sight win by shooting the top score of 393-22x.   I miraculously get my only good score of the weekend and 2nd in this match with a 390-17x-(even a blind monkey..........)
   Oh, by the Way, did I mention that Emily shot Iron sights to win this Any Sight match.

             To View a Slide show of a few pictures from this Match  --  Click Here

Emily Quinar, collegiate shooter on the Murray St. Racer Rifle Team, was top shooter at this weekend's Prone Sb Regional Championships at the Mpls. Rifle club. Using only Iron Sights in today's Any sight match, Emily outscored all the Scope shooters and doubled up her win in Saturdays Iron sight only match. With an excellent score of 3099-149x for the two days shooting, Emily takes the Gold Medal in these tough matches shot on those non-forgiving UIT targets. 
Stacey T.  Silver medal
Stacey Tamulinas wins the Silver Medal just a few pts back, and also took 2nd place in the irons only match, just one pt down from Emily. 

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More on this Weekends Prone Metric matches at Mpls Rifle club ---

Jason Jarvis, a rising young shooter, and Blogger from Fort Frances, Ontario, attended our Metric SB matches this weekend and Published this article about his shooting expedition to Mn.  Click Here to read Jason's own article in his Blog: Prone In the Wilderness .
 Jason fired an excellent score on tough targets at an unfamiliar range.    
We were all disappointed when Jason could not come back on Sunday to enjoy less stressful shooting in better weather.  We enjoyed his company and sure hope to see him at matches next year or sooner.
Sm bore Notes:
From Chad Danielson
Jim,  Below you’ll find the Current Smallbore Season Aggregate Standings as they are after this weekends, Metric Prone Regional Championship.  Feel free to post them as you see fit.

1. Eric Hazelton (Jr.)
10,448 - 402

2. Steve Knutson
9,351 - 458

3. Jim Evenson
9,088 - 414

4. Jim Biles
7,895 – 406

5. Stacey Tamulinas
7,855 - 445

6. Chad Danielson
7,705 - 298

7. Alex Giesar (Jr.)
7,684 - 308

8. Nick Learn (Jr.) 
7,628 - 249

9. Morgan Dietrich
6,337 – 391

 10. Emily Quiner (Jr.)
6,287 - 369

HighPower Notes:
Ammo Prices-

  From: Capt Bob

"HP shooters:   A source within the sales department of a BIG wholesaler told me this morning, July 29, 2011, that they are expecting a HUGE increase in factory ammo prices sometime in September. Something in the neighborhood of 25 freaking percent.  Imagine that, just in time for hunting season.
This guy has always had solid information in the past so take it for what it's worth. He did NOT mention components, just factory loaded ammo.  However since both use copper & lead you do the math.

Two Weeks Out
Aug 20-21
NRA Regional and Leg match at Elk River Sportsmen's Club - Click Here for Match Program

That's all folks


NWOshooter said...

Thanks for the great company, Jim! I did have an excellent time and would've come back on Sunday if my son hadn't gotten sick.

I'm going to try and make it to Hibbing at the end of the month to shoot the first day and enjoy the easier conventional targets. :)


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I've never been to that match. Someday?