Monday, January 10, 2011

Out of Town match - Service rifles from all eras-- Rio Salado, Mesa AZ, Jan 11

It was a beautiful day to shoot a Curio and Relics match at Rio Salado Sportsman's club, in mesa AZ.  27 shooters showed up to take advantage of temps in the 60s, light wind, and plenty of Sunshine to have some fun pulling triggers.  Half of the shooters used obsolete military rifles and contested the day on standard SR-1 targets, while the "hot dogs" used AR-15s and M-14s and shot on reduced targets, to practice for the big Washington's Birthday Match coming up next month.  Between 50 and 80 four man teams are expected to enter this match, which will be the 119th continous year this match has been held.
   Click here for Washington's Birthday Match program and entry 
   Ron Foos shooting Sitting Rapid fire Click Here        (video)
  Mike Floyd shooting Prone Rapid fire at Rio Salado Click Here     (video)

The winner of the C &R division was Bill Poole shooting a Swedish Mauser and scoring very fine 473.  The winner of the modern service rifle class was the old fart writing this rpt with a respectable 486-18x shot on those pesky reduced targets.
A fun time was had by all !

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