Wednesday, November 10, 2010

300 meter match this weekend

Don't  winterize those rifles yet! --  Nov 14 at MRC
From Brian Shiffman of Minneapolis Rifle Club
It is hard to believe, but the November 2010 MRC 300 meter match is this Sunday. It feels more like September. BUT, don’t let your guard down. Winter IS coming, and by my faithful fuzzy caterpillar, it will be one we will remember for cold and snow.
The weekend weather is expected to be chilly with a high on Sunday about 40 but no snow!! And, or course, with our heated shooting house, life is good.

The match begins at 10AM which means you had better be there early to set up and take care of administrative details. And, you also want to leave time for chatting. The match is open to all who want to participate with a couple of exceptions regarding equipment: no muzzle brakes and only full metal jacket or identified match bullets. No expanding or fragmenting bullets.

We will have four classes available for shooters: 3-position, F-class, Prone and Offhand.
Fee for the match is $15
I hope to see you at the range.
Brian D. Shiffman

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