Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shooters News - The Week Ahead-- MN Area --Oct 7th

The Week Ahead for MN area Shooters   
300 meter
 I hope you all haven't put away the shooting equipment for the season yet.  There is a Rifle match in the Mpls. area this Sunday.
Mpls Rifle Club is holding their monthly 300 meter match on Sunday, Oct 10th, starting at 10am.   This will be both a prone match or a 3 position match -- Take your pick.  You can shoot either or both.  These matches are shot from the 300 meter house, which is climate controlled, and fired on electronic targets which show your hits on a computer screen next to your firing position.  This is really neat-- you get instant feed back on your wind calls and don't even have to pull targets for the other shooters.     
About the match from Brian Shiffman:
"Yep, it comes rolling around again.  The MRC Club 300 Meter Match for October will be this Sunday, the 10th at the MRC 300 meter house.  Shooting begins at 10AM.  Fee is $15, including state taxes.
 This seems to be pretty early considering I just finished cleaning my rifle from the September match.
 I have to make a correction to the email that was sent out after the September match.  I mentioned that Mike Marzitelli was NOT shooting a Schmidt Rubin.   At that match, the rifles used by Mike and Tom were Schultz & Larsen.
 See you on Sunday."
 Brian D. Shiffman
These 300 Meter matches continue monthly.   See Schedule:  Click here      

Small Bore
Subject: Draft 2011 MN Outdoor Smallbore Schedule  from George Minerich  MRRA Pres.
Hi Guys:
 Please find attached the DRAFT 2011 Outdoor Smallbore schedule.  You are getting this since the majority of you represent clubs with smallbore programs.  Right now we are looking at 11 matches.  Please take a look at it and let me know if there any changes needed.  Chris if ERSC wants to run another match MRC can give up a prone date or we can squeeze something in.
 Kurt and Mark please forward it to your clubs and see if anyone has plans to run an NRA Authorized match next year.  Bob B. I included the State Championship bid dates for Hibbing – any other NRA authorized matches planned? 
 Please send me any info on other matches ASAP so I can add them to 2011 Schedule
Thanks!  George"
Click Here    for Draft 2011 outdoor Sm Bore Schedule   

Service Rifle
FYI--  Larry Weidel, Kurt Borlaug and I have had been having a short discussion about the worth of having a hooded rear sight on an AR-15 Service Rifle.  Many new shooters purchase this attachment, not knowing weather they need it or not, after seeing other shooters using one.  Larry W. and I don't use one and see no real need for a hooded rear sight as our hat bill shades the sight well enough.  Kurt has been using one but after some testing with a non hooded rear sight thinks he may be able to focus the front sight and target better without one.  None of us use a diopter lens in the rear sight--- ( even though I have a .675 diopter glasses prescription).
Larry uses a .042 dia rear aperture, for good light days, and a .048" on darker days, while I use a .046" all the time.  I have a .052" screw-in rear aperture, but I am too lazy to change it out.  I use a .042" width front sight blade which has been bent a little to the left for the last 15 years. .
If anyone has more to say on this subject---send it in. 
Long Range
Minn. area long range shooter, Stacey Tamulinas has traveled this week to Australia to participate in 10 days of competition with the US Development Team. He has promised us a rpt when back back from the trip. Thanks mate.
Starting next week, I am taking a short time off from blogging and newsletters to prepare for Fall migration. 
Thats All Folks

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