Saturday, January 2, 2010

600 yd Match -- Ben Avery, Phoenix -- Jan 02, 2010

Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club

"I don't even know where to begin with this report - it was the biggest club match in many years (53 shooters), we had perfect conditions and everything ran smoothly. Thanks to a great deal of help from all the competitors who volunteered to raise flags, run the line, build targets, put up additional number boards and more we had a timely and professional match. I can't list everyone who worked because so many pitched in, but you have our sincere appreciation.

Steve Cunico has acclimated to Phoenix quite quickly and shot a perfect 600-34X, making no mistakes to win what was a close and tough match. Steve is one of the top prone shooters in the country and we're all very happy to have him in Phoenix now; hopefully he'll make it full-time here soon. Mike Dal Santo was close behind at 598-44X and you really have to notice that 200-18X that Mike shot on his third string. Mike says his 6BR has over 6000 rounds through the barrel and is still shooting as good as ever. Tom Albanito was the high service rifle shooter, Ken Nelson first Master, Jack Arnold first Expert, Jack Greenleaf first Sharpshooter and Doug Popadince first Marksman (and that card won't last too long now). Johm Lowther just got an Expert classification and shot his personal best score to break it in.

Greg Swanson fired his first F-Class match with a beautifully stocked Barnard by Doan Trevor and took home the top spot. Charles Gooding, in just his second match took second place, Rick Curtis and Steve Lockwood were close behind for thrid and fourth. Michelle Gallagher won the F-TR with a very strong score and Chuck May shooting his .223 Savage just rebarelled by Norm Darnell was second with Bill Berta third."----German Salazar

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