Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Week Ahead -- 4/16/09

Spring is here and the first matches are starting. Get those Match rifles and Service rifles cleaned up because the first OTC (over the course) matches are this weekend.

If you are not familiar with shooting "over the course" ( great matches) visit the following web site for all you need to know to get started:

More than a week ahead--- plan now to attend

Northstar Rifle Club's first Matches will be OTC's on May 2 & 3 I don't have a link to a program for these matches

GRRC's CMP clinic and CMP games will also be May 2 & 3 (I repeat)-- Hopefully these scheduling conflicts will not occur next year.

Gopher Rifle and Revolver club is hosting a hands on CMP clinic about shooting "Over The Course" Service Rifle matches on May 2 contact Kurt Borlaug 651-464-5421 Kurt is already working on organizing the state rifle team for competition at the Nationals (Camp Perry Ohio) this summer. New shooters are required by the rules for each team. Compete in the nationals---be the new shooter on the MN team. It is great fun.

Small Bore news--- GRRC's Monday evening (start 4pm) Small Bore league will be starting on Mon 4th of May at the new facilities now under construction on GRRC's Multi-purpose range.---Program---click link at right.

Elk River Sportsman's club will also be hosting various SB matches once a month on Saturdays ---next on May 16 at 11am.

F-class Elk River's F-class league's next evening match is April 20 (including a new shooter orientation), --300 yds,and starts at 5:45pm F-class is prone shooting using a scope and rests.

1. I still have few E-mail address from the SmBore, Free Pistol, Bullseye, 300 m communities.

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